Mihoba Fantasy Baseball League

Luzardo to the IL with elbow issues. Someday these guys will start paying me not to draft them.

Man, I had such high hopes for Jackson Holliday. Now I feel like I’m wasting a roster spot keeping him. But I’m not ready to give up on him either.

Oh, I’d definitely hold onto him. I’m still kind of annoyed with you for grabbing him last year just as I was about to do the same.

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I know it’s not funny to you but your post made me laugh.

Oh, I’m laughing with you. And given the number of pitching injuries, it’s unlikely that I’m suffering more than anybody else. I’m just a bigger whiner.

In one of my dynasty leagues I have 7 pitchers who are done for at least half the year but are too good to dump

Joe Musgrove sure is having a bad season.

He’s entangled with the Astros.


Just remember, I may be in last place now, but I’ve got Framber coming off the IL any day now.

Was lorenzen changed to pitcher only?

No, he was not.

@Col.SphinxDrummond If you want to use Lorenzen as a pitcher today, you have to add his CF version to your roster, too.

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What the hell, he hasn’t had an at bat since 2021?!?!?!?

I understand your frustration, but @Ron_Brand, @BillyD and I already addressed Lorenzen earlier this season because @Lsswb46 added him. Here was our ruling:

That is so stupid.

I’ve dropped Michael Lorenzen as both a hitter and a batter. Now that he is not attached to any team I would like to suggest we revisit the ruling of him having to be chosen as a batter as well. Apparently, we are the only league wonky enough to not to allow him to be available as a pitcher only. He had only 1 add and 1 drop (by me) as a batter when checked this morning. One. Also as of this morning as a pitcher he has had 10 adds and 612 drops. I mean, I don’t think he is much of a prize as a pitcher and only picked him up because of the team he was facing. He is non existent as a hitter. I get the Ohtani ruling and it’s dumb enough, but using the same standard for Lorenzen is just plain ridiculous.

But isn’t that out of our hands? I thought it was some unavoidable consequence of using Yahoo. Until they decide that Lorenzen isn’t a hitter anymore (and I don’t know why it’s taking them so long), aren’t we stuck?

Our league rule is that two-way players have to be rostered together. Yahoo’s system allows them to be rostered separately. The league rule was established with respect to Ohtani and applied to all two-way players in the system for consistency, but the issue is that Yahoo still has a hitter-Lorenzen in their system despite the fact that he hasn’t been a hitter in years. So it’s a bad Yahoo decision that buts up against one of our league rules. Ideally, they’d delete the hitter-Lorenzen and solve the problem for us.

This may sound like sour grapes but it’s not. It was our group’s decision to treat Lorenzen the same as Ohtani but they are not the same, really not even similar. And I think it’s dumb to judge them the same way. Yahoo is not restricting how he is used, we are. At least the pitcher Ohtani is able to go in the IL and not waste a roster spot.

Sphinx, we had to make a ruling on it and we did so based off what had already been agreed to by the league previously regarding Ohtani. The league as a whole voted that Ohtani be treated that way.

The reason he’s only been added once, and dropped once (by you as you listed above) is because everyone else read all of the posts that DV put together when the ruling was made…accepted the ruling…and then decided he was not a good enough player to waste two rosters spots on.

As you have already stated, he’s not a game changing player so I’m struggling to understand why you are being so passionate about this.

I think Sphinx was referencing the Yahoo universe, not just our league.

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