Mihoba Fantasy Baseball League

Please respond here if you are going to play this season.

Responding here



I am offically retired from the Mihoba League. I’m gong to miss it and miss the interaction with you crazed magnificent bastards. I wish y’all the best.


It’s been a few years. If you’re short one, I’m in.

I’m in again.

Hi Paul


I’m in. It’s taken a few years but I finally have 5 keepers I’m happy with

I am in -

Good to see you Paul!


I’m in.

In. Somebody has to bring up the rear.


How does the group feel about drafting Sunday March 28, either in the late afternoon (between 3-5 p.m. central) or evening (say 7:30 or so)?

I can pretty much do it whenever is best for everybody else. In these covid times I have nothing else to do

Any day is fine. All things being equal, I’d prefer earlier in the day, but am completely flexible.

I’m in and I’m good with whatever draft time you guys come up with.


Wilddog! Damn good to have you back here!

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