Mihoba Fantasy Baseball League

You kind of answered your question with its preface. He’s not a game changer but is treated as such by demanding he take a roster spot as a hitter. However, I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about it. In the scheme of life, I really don’t care. But my brain is funny about things and always questions things that don’t make much sense. I just think it’s dumb and in hindsight I think the Lorenzen rule is unreasonable. If I seem passionate, it’s because I see no rational reason for him to be treated that way and questioned the decision to treat him so. No other leagues I looked at this morning had a similar roster demand. But again, I’m just being nit-picky and will stop. I truly don’t care. Really it’s just my OCD kicking in.

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I have no dog in the Lorenzen fight, no intentions of picking him up even if pitcher only. I do agree with Sphinx though, to me it is dumb to treat him as a two-way. I understand the Ohtani part and agree with it fully. But to me there has to be some gray area with guys like Lorenzen, there’s always room for common sense to say “this guy is not a two-way player despite what yahoo says.” Just having a rosterable player sitting out there that nobody can use because he’s not worth 2 roster spots is not it.

This is a spirit of the rule vs letter of the rule. The rule is to not have one player on two different teams, but if one of the two halves is never going to be picked up, the useful half should be fine to roster.

Maybe the rule can be

“Any player that hasn’t been two way for more than 1(or 2) full season(s), he shall be classified as not a two-way player unless he takes x number of at bats or innings pitched in current season”

or something to that effect, we have lawyers here to write the rule and I am not one of them.

Just my two cents

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Man this points total thing is tough. Felt like I had a decent day and move down once again :man_facepalming:t2:

First, I hope you are enjoying playing. Second, it definitely requires a different strategy than a roto or h2h league with the usual categories.

In this league, not striking out is valued for hitters, and pitchers who pitch deep in games and get wins are a big help. As are good closers and good holds guys on good teams.

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Definitely enjoying it and trying my best to keep up. It is a learning curve and I feel like I am starting to somewhat get the hang besides just checking my lineup every day. Just hope I can climb the ranks a little more as we go.