Mihoba Fantasy Baseball League

Was hoping it was just an April Fools joke, but will go with whatever the majority prefers, or causes the least amount of chaos. Looks like yahoo just used my Saturday lineup. I made my changes Sunday morning, but they didn’t stick.

Tralfaz should get his points.

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I don’t disagree, but, unfortunately, this is a Yahoo issue and out of a commissioner’s control. I can’t just add points to teams.

Here is what I am going to do:

I’m going to have Yahoo re-run the retroactive points for all games on March 20, 21, 28, 29, 30, 31, 1 and 2 on Wednesday morning (2 AM central time) April 3.

Everyone, please set your optimal hitting and pitching lineups for the first eight days of the season today and tomorrow (just to be safe). I will look at everyone’s lineups today and tomorrow and double check, too.

Please see the attached screenshot with details from Yahoo on what to do.

Manfred would find a way


Appreciate the effort, all good however it goes. I will surly leave umpteen good starts on my bench anyway.

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Tomorrow morning, Yahoo will re-run our retroactive stats counting all games played starting March 20 through tonight.

If you notice injured guys in your starting lineups (Josh Jung or Justin Steele), or SP’s starting in P spots where your an active reliever might normally start, it’s because those players scored you the highest number of points by a significant margin over the other options (meaning a good game tonight by a healthy or active player wouldn’t likely make up the difference.)

Tonight’s active lineup is your lineup for all games between March 20 and April 2. This is the last time I’m attempting to have Yahoo get our retroactive stats as close to accurate as possible.

Starting tomorrow, you can adjust your lineups on a daily basis as usual.

Thanks, as always, for taking care of issues like this. Just to make sure I understand—do we need to do any lineup re-setting to make this work?

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You shouldn’t have to do anything. I’ve gone through every team’s individual players total points for the season and optimized lineups within reason.

This way, owners don’t lose a lot of points from starting pitchers who won their first start but don’t pitch tonight. (Jordan Hicks or Brandon Pfaadt on @Wilddog’s team, for example). Or in the case of Josh Jung, after last night he had 34 points, which is much higher than anyone on @Redstormrising’s bench, so that’s why he’s starting tonight despite being on the IL. Same with Justin Steele on his pitching staff.

Tomorrow and moving forward, everything functions as normal, with everyone able to make daily adjustments.


Perfect. Thanks!

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Sounds good, and thanks! That Korea Series drama don’t stop.

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Apparently, I lost both Wicks and Passdt points.

Dale, I see that you didn’t get the points from Jordan Hicks and Brandon Pfaadt’s starts (49 combined) and instead received the points for Bryan Abreu and Yennier Cano (1 total) instead despite me putting both in your lineup for yesterday’s games.

I have reached out to Yahoo customer service to see if they can simply add those 49 points to your team.

I don’t understand why Yahoo thinks it’s necessary to jump through all of these hoops. It sure seems like the cure is worse than just letting folks post-date rosters for the two games in Seoul.

Because Yahoo would rather use this archaic approach instead of letting commissioners retroactively adjust point totals, as needed. I hate it, I’ve tried doing the best I can to get our points as accurate as possible, but it’s a mess.

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Since Yahoo isn’t going to do anything and I’m not going to re-run stats, what we will do is the following:

Instead of trying to run retroactive stats through Yahoo again, I am documenting two stat adjustments here as of April 3. At the end of the season we will add these points to the owners’ final tally and adjust final standings for draft purposes and who wins money, accordingly.

Wild Dogs (@Wilddog) has an additional 48 points (Yahoo’s system did not apply the change from Bryan Abreu and Yennier Cano (1 total point) starting to having Jordan Hicks and Brandon Pfaadt start (49 total points)

JR Richard or poorer (@Redstormrising) has an additional 11 points. Josh Jung (34 points) was in their utility spot for the retroactive stats lineup yesterday but Yahoo’s system used Josh Naylor (23 points) instead.


Can I not take someone off the IL and use them in my lineup the same day?

Unfortunately you cannot. Any roster adjustment outside of your already eligible players takes effect the next day.


What @Col.SphinxDrummond said is accurate.

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I’m sure glad I used a keeper on Luzardo. He’s pitching like he wants a trade to the Astros.