World Series

Tomorrow (Friday) night on FS1 from 11pm ct to 1am there’s a two hour special titled “THE 2022 WORLD SERIES: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Houston Astros” and the description is “Bun B narrates the 2022 World Series story of the Houston Astros victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.”

DVR engaged.


Thanks for that heads up!

You had me at “Bun B narrates”

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Mine also.

Inject this into my veins.


I love this.

He actually said that he is glad MLB is not investigating all former WS winners including his own Marlins that he was president of.

He basically said flat out everyone was cheating and he was part of it so he knows.


And another DVR engaged. Thanks!

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While the facts are 100% correct, David Samson is not the guy you want delivering them.

Explain, please. I read about him, but I am not picky about the person or persons who tell the truth about the Astros and the Commissioner-labeled “sign stealing scandal.”

Thanks again for the heads up.

Very enjoyable.

Would have enjoyed it more had #35 stayed (he’s interviewed quite a bit) but all’s well that ends with an Astros WS victory.

And that song at the end is fantastic.

From everything I’ve been told and read about Samson, he’s a complete jackass who burned a ton of bridges while with the Marlins. I had no idea he was even still involved in MLB, commentary or otherwise.

Just my initial thoughts, nothing more.

If you missed it Friday, here’s your chance! Monday, December 12 @5pm FS1.

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Dammit!!! I tried recording twice only to have my f’ing dvr crap out. Not happy. Anyhow, I’ve searched everywhere and don’t see it getting another showing. If you all see anything on this please post here so I can give it one more shot.

Watched it last night- quite well done.

Twist that knife JS! :wink:

You can buy it on Amazon.

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Hope you’re able to watch it- well worth it!

Happy Birthday Ryan Pressly


Got my WS2022 Collector’s Edition Bluray a couple days ago and just watched the documentary again. What they didn’t show on FS1 was the credit roll at the end…

…It’s worth the price of the package alone.