World Series

They don’t learn very quick.

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Here we go again.


In response to that video:


I believe OK GO had a fantastic video titled just that

The tread mill video. OK Go - Here It Goes Again (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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What time is this game going to start???

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I see a pattern developing here…

They tried to give the Astros the afternoon starts but couldn’t swing it.


Since when does MLB try things like “put the product on at a consistent time so viewers know when to look for it”?

Central Time or Eastern?

7 central time, 8 eastern time, never New York time


New York is on offseason time


I’m shocked they didn’t find a way to make the Astros play at 10:00 am under the excuse of “this is the way it was back in the day, kids…”

Things have gotten so bad in New York that the Yankees want to be the Marlins

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They’re so far up Yankee ass that they can’t stop to think whether it’s a good idea or not.

Trying to recapture past glory. Watching those NYC talk shows on YouTube is hilarious.

This is now the second time I have posted in the wrong thread. What the fuck Doyce? You haven’t even been drinking