World Series

Describe the “credit roll”

Like, what is a credit roll? It’s the period of time at the end of the program where they list all the entities involved in the production.

If you’re asking what makes it so good? You’ll just have to get it.

“The” credit roll not “a” credit roll.

Thanks for the info.

Waiting on mine. Thanks for the heads up.

It’s just a great mix of music and imagery that puts it all together. It takes the good feeling you have at the end of the film to another level…at least for me it did.


Is the Collector’s Edition available on dvd or bluray only? I was going to watch it and share it with my brother and quasi-brother but I have no idea if they have the player to watch it. I looked but didn’t see anything.

I’ve spent a silly amount of money on WS stuff already, and an extra 70 won’t kill me, but I would like others to enjoy it as well.

I haven’t seen the 8-disc edition on DVD but I don’t know for sure if it exists or not. The one I bought in 2017 was bluray too.

However, the documentary does come in DVD form.

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Looks like it’s bluray only…but amazon has bluray Phillips/Sony players for $70 so where there’s a will there’s a way.

My FS1 recording had a great song at the end.

Don’t remember if the credits were rolling.


Holy shit! That’s the one. Never heard it before. My FS1 recording cut it short. Oh, well…that song and the scenes were perfect!

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So I just got reminded of this again

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It’s on YouTube now.