Wednesday during the deadline

What will happen today? Heyman says Scherzer to the West Coast. Should I give up my dream?

Heyman just throws shit at the wall sometimes. I wouldn’t take anything he says as gospel. Rosenthal and Passan are the guys to watch

Edit - Heyman is an agent mouthpiece at times too.

Jon Heyman is not exactly a beacon of accuracy. I won’t be surprised if the Astros land one of Marte, Scherzer or Michael Pineda from the Twins.

I know the opinion of Heyman here. Mine was a rhetorical question.

I also think an upgrade in CF should be way behind pitching. We have OFers in AAA doing well, and Marte should be pursued only after we upgrade pitching.


I agree with you. One other name I wouldn’t mind paying a high price for is Jose Berrios. He’s controllable through next season, whereas Scherzer is a free agent after the year.

I definitely think another pitcher is in the cards. I’m still hoping for Scherzer but it probably is a long shot

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I haven’t thought about it real hard, but it seems like we would probably have to give up pitching from the current 26-man roster (e.g., Javier) in order to get Scherzer, which kind of defeats the purpose. It would obviously strengthen the starting pitching, but it would further deplete an already-iffy bullpen.

Depends on what the Nationals want. Do they want current big leaguers, Urquidy, Javier? Do they want higher prospects, a Hunter Brown, a Korey Lee? What do they want the package to be built around. Probably a combo of the two would be most likely. So maybe a package of Urquidy, Nova, Brewer and a lower level lotto ticket gets it done. Might not be enough but that’s not a bad place to start

Edit - if you somehow signed Correa to an extension then you could dangle Jeremy Pena and keep Nova

We can dream about Scherzer, but I think the odds of that happening are slim to none. Rosenthal is reporting that Scherzer has said his desire is to play for the Dodgers, Giants or Padres, though he has ruled no one out but Mets and Yankees. If that is his true desire, we can’t come up with a trade package that would come close to comparing what the other three west coast teams could come up with. They have MUCH better prospect talent than we do. The only way I think we could come close would be to include Javier and or Garcia in the deal. That makes me a little nauseous.


I can’t see the Giants going all in on this season. As for the Dodgers and Padres, the Dodgers have been reluctant to let go of their prime prospects in the past and are coming off winning a title, I think we can beat their package if they try to send B level guys. The Padres are a complete wild card bit I can see them being the prime team going after Berrios

I agree with this too, but if we can’t get Scherzer and decide that another starter (Gray or Berrios) is out of the question, I’d love a package deal of Marte and Bleier from Miami. Might have to include McCormick in that deal but so be it. Straw would then be the fourth OF’er.

You could be right, but why would they not go all in? They have the best record in all of baseball. To not go all in would be a massive blunder in my opinion.

Because they are a team of older players having a last hurrah and late bloomers on a hot streak. They have high high regression potential and front offices tend to view teams as what they should be more than what they are. Zaidi also comes from the A’s and Dodgers, teams that have valued winning over the long run and held on to prospects even if there were moves to help the big league club. He may be different but I just can’t see it.

Edit - the same way that we worry Click won’t make the all in move because of his Rays background

Good grief, the gloom and doom on this board amazes me at times, although the main proponents of the glass half empty view are apparent every day. I will hide and watch and not try to throw cold water on every optimistic thought like some here do consistently.

I am glad Click is in charge. He is not burdened by the baggage Luhnow had, and I have confidence in him.

How many SP available are an improvement over the current rotation?

Scherzer is a no Brainer - a clear Ace with post season experience who won’t cost TOO much because of the expiring contract.

Who else?

My point is that this team has 99% chance of making the playoffs.

And they have 7 solid to good starting pitchers.

They do not need a Sp to get them to the post season.

They need a guy who will be better than Grienke, McCullers, Valdez, and/or Garcia in the playoffs.

Is there another SP out there who is LIKELY to be better than one of them? Each of them can be dominant and have been before. It’s a crap shoot.

So, if Scherzer is the only one that meets that requirement I say it’s him or forget the rotation.

Get another high leverage bullpen arm or possibly a CF.

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Jose Berrios would also be an upgrade on Garcia. I don’t think the Nats will trade Scherzer for pennies on the dollar, regardless of the standings. Their owner wants him to retire in D.C.

Getting to the post season is not the point. Winning the WS is the point.


JP Morsi says a Scherzer deal could be done tonight.

In other news, it might rain today.

I simply don’t see Berrios as MUCH of an upgrade.

His stats are very comparable to the pitchers in the rotation now.

His post season history is modest:

3 games. 0-1 record, 3.75 ERA and 1.333 whip.

Who does he replace in the rotation ( postseason)

Valdez: 3-1, 1.88, 1.000
McCullers: 1-2, 3.38, 1.071
Urquidy: 1-1, 2.81, 1.130
He won’t replace Grienke so I won’t even compare.

Even Odorizzi: 0-1, 3.60, 1.00 in 1 career playoff game.

Garcia: 2 no hit scoreless innings ( but with 2 BB) in his only playoff experience and his numbers this year are every bit as good as Berrios.

I’m not saying Berrios is not a good pitcher nor am I saying he would not look good in Navy and Orange, but I don’t see enough of an upgrade to justify the cost in the current situation.

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