WBC 2023

Can’t believe Lopez didn’t go to Alvarado there. I mean, Alvarado has also been known to give up the occasional moonshot in a high leverage spot, but still.

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Name one time.

And provide video evidence.


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I don’t know where the top of the zone is. Neither does the HPU.

José Altuve went out to the dugout to congratulate Luis Arráez. He has a splint that is immobilizing his finger. It will continue to be evaluated and the #Astros will announce the diagnosis.

Rosenthal says possible broken thumb.

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To the bottom of the ninth. Pressly in to pitch to the Rambler, the Gambler, and the Back-Biter.

…and he cuts them down! USA wins 9-7. On to the the semi-final vs Cuba.

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Trade for Gurriel to play 2B?


I’m worried about ligaments. Let’s hope it’s just broken.

Gurriel is gone. Hensley or Julks.

Maybe I was not serious.

If Altuve is out for an extended period of time, the Astros may make a run at Jurickson Profar, according to Michael Schwab.

Is there some reason why we think Schwab has some insight here? This just looks like Twitter fluff to me.

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I’m not sure how much direct insight he has. I only shared it because he covers the Astros.

That took all of what, 10 minutes?

Allegedly a thumb not finger, and I just hope it’s ok.

Thumbs fucking suck.

Hearing broken thumb, 8-10 weeks. Interested to see who plays 2B today if we have a ST game.

Hensley’s at 2B in the posted lineup.

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It’s his time now. Let’s go kid!

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Hensley or Dubon come on down. One of them needs to run with the job until Jose returns.