WBC 2023

That’s what happens in a four game “season”.


Tucker doubles off Garcia.

Tucker just took Garcia deep.

Altuve better not be hurt by that HBP.

Fuck. Altuve hit on the hand and leaving the game.

That doesnt look good. Shit

Oh fuck! Altuve gets plunked on his right hand and leaves the game.

Some scrub named Bard can’t find the plate and is trying to lose the game.

Motherfuck. And Bard being a fucking clown can’t get anywhere near the plate, WPs in a run after hitting Tuve.

It’s gonna be a miracle if something isn’t broke. A fucking miracle….

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Daniel Bard just rocketed past Joe Kelly on my reliever shit list.

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He’s incompetent AND dangerous.

Speaking of the reliever shit list, Ryan Tepera (the “Astros are still sketchy” guy) got ejected from a spring training game today for using sticky stuff. Asshole.

It’s absolutely mind boggling that the US would have some assclown like Bard on the goddamn team in the first place. Man, fuck these idiots.

Or the idiot that left him in there.

Or the idiot that put him in there in the first place. This idiot was out of the league for five years because he couldn’t throw a strike. Hey, I got a great idea, let’s get THAT guy on the team, you know, the wild pitch specialist.

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If the good players don’t want to play you can’t hold a gun to their heads and make them do it.

I don’t care about good players, I care about finding someone who isn’t an outright danger. This motherfucker threw another wild pitch after he hit Altuve before DeRosa had the sense to remove him. Altuve could be out for the year because this dickhead can’t find the plate.

It’s a bad deal but could also happen anywhere at any time. Let’s just hope it’s 6-8 weeks and he’s 100% after. Hensley or Julks can hold down the fort until then and we’ll be fine.

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Trea Turner goes granny and Team USA takes the lead back 9-7!