WBC 2023

Let’s win this one and then we can look at whoever else may be struggling.

You know, my son’s spring break is next week, and Colombia is playing in Phoenix. I fucking hate Phoenix, but maybe we’ll go down there and see a game or two. I need an opportunity to wear my Caimanes hat.

Closer walks the leadoff guy in the 9th up 2-0, outstanding. Now a single up the middle, first and third, no one out. I’ve seen this movie before.


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Unclench Chuck, your boys did Panama proud and still have a shot to get through the group

I mean, my expectations are pretty low. The last time they were in this position they were playing the role that Nicaragua is playing now, they went to the Dominican and if I’m not mistaken Puerto Rico was there, too, so they had no chance. I was talking to Manny Corpas and I said Hey, good luck in the Dominican and he just laughed.

Yeah, PR and the DR, and my guys didn’t even score a run. They played in PR rather than the DR, so I misremembered that, but the essential point is the same.

Robel was one in a long line of players who generated an inordinate amount of complaints as the last man on the roster.

Couldn’t even hit 30 homers …

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I agree. And that is the team I am pulling for to overcome the odds. I would at least like to see them avoid qualifying next time around.

Not a bad way to go through life.

Who isn’t watching this DR / VEN game?

Amazing instances already of Astro on Astro violence.

And incredible baseball besides.

Including, I think, a takeout slide on a dbl play grounder.

Heaven forfend!

L. Garcia vs J. Pena…

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Garcia wins this one with 3 empty swings on 4 breaking balls (3 low and away, and a high cutter).

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Worley, the GB pitcher isn’t getting any help from the HPU.

I love how Garcia has color coordinated his beads.


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Vance. I remember him with the Phillies I think several years back.

“Graphic design is my passion.”


Currently watching all 3 games. I love this tournament. I’ve watched almost every game that has been played. The only games I have missed are the ones on Tubi

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Tucker gives USA the lead with RBI single B3. 2-1 USA.

Luis Garcia and his new windup pitched three innings and walked two which is not great but struck out seven which seems pretty good to me.

Oh, and Colombia beat Mexico.