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Killed my 100th O’Driscoll today.


Update on my 2nd play through.

I’m still in Ch. 2, although (regrettably) Micah is out of jail. I have:

  • Over $6,000 in cash
  • Attained the Legend of the East Satchel
  • Fully upgraded the camp (barring the Ram Skull for Arthur’s tent)
  • Harvested almost all the Legendary Animals (barring those in New Austin or which are not unlocked until later chapters)
  • Substantially or fully completed the skill challenges
  • Satisfied all the camp requests available (some are only unlocked in Ch 3)
  • Completed all the hunting requests from Mrs Hobbs that are available to Arthur
  • Collected all the plumes needed for Algernon Wasp, as well as all of the orchids that are available (some only unlock once requested)
  • Harvested all the available (i.e. not New Austin/Guarma) skins/carcasses for crafting, albeit I am one rat short (Micah?)
  • Harvested all the bird feathers needed for crafting, save one more robin…

I have some more work to do on the challenges, but some cannot be completed without going into New Austin, which is not an option as Arthur (e.g. the timed run from Van Horn to Blackwater for Horseman 9).

Ironically, having a script has given me more freedom to explore the game, not less. I can go off on tangents, knowing that I’m not missing anything; perhaps akin to doing guitar solos between verses. This has meant that I have experienced encounters already in this play through that I never saw in the entirety of the last.

I have met the moonshiners - twice - and leveled up their brew, met the cajun in the swamp and cleared the Night Folk from his cabin, visited the Strange Man’s cabin (2 out of 4) and just hung out at camp and enjoyed the interactions. None of which I did first time through.

What I have not been doing is being diligent about logging rock carvings, dinosaur bones and dreamcatchers. I have picked up a few of each on my travels, but this is a flaw in my script in that I should be bagging these when I’m in the various areas. This is going to be a substantial research project, though, to identify all the locations and decide when to slot them in.

I think my 2.0 script is going to be epic.

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This is fairly easily accomplished as Arthur.

2 paths: one involves jumping the broken bridge over the river. That jump is a little finicky.

The second has you cross the river using the damn at Lake Owanjilla. You’ll then descend into Blackwater via Tall Trees.

The bounty hunters will spawn and chase you so have health items/horse reviver handy. Just outrun the bounty hunters. Once you’ve cleared one set you’ll get a few seconds reprieve before the second set spawns.

After you make it to Blackwater you can either get perforated or haul ass to the river to outrun the BHs/law.

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Pretty sure I did Horseman 9 as Arthur last time (the dam route). The broken bridge jump needs certain horses to get it done, which seems more wasteful of time or money to achieve when you can still do it without.

I’ll give it a go because then I can do Horseman 10 on my travels.

What has been weird is that I have been completing weapons expert challenges (using O’Driscolls, Lemoyne Raiders and Grays as targets) but upon returning to camp I keep getting criticized for killing innocent people.

Both Dutch and Mrs Grimshaw made unprovoked comments about it. WTF?



As I rode into Blackwater - under a constant hail of bullets from behind - there was a phalanx of Pinkertons waiting and they just unleashed on me like I was Butch and Sundance running out of a barn. No time to grab a health tonic…everything turned gray…I screamed…and “Horseman 9 complete” flashed up on the screen just as “DEAD” appeared.

I celebrated by heading to Lemoyne and getting eaten by Giaguaro.

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In the throes of Gambler 8. Whoever green lit this idea needs to be hogtied, thrown on the railroad tracks and firebombed.

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RDR2.0 continues, and I am still in Chapter 2 with 49.8% of the game completed. I am trying to see if I can tip over 50% before ending Ch. 2.

I am stymied on the last three main challenges:

  • Sharpshooter needs the Rolling Block rifle that doesn’t unlock until you start the last mission of Ch. 2
  • Herbalist requires access to New Austin (I have completed Herbalist 10 to the extent possible otherwise)
  • Bandit requires access to the horse fence, which isn’t until Ch. 3

I have completed all the Arthur-friendly treasure hunts. I am working on collecting the dinosaur bones I can get outside of New Austin, all the Dreamcatchers and Rock Carvings. I have completed all the hunting/fishing tasks available. The only animals/birds/fish I haven’t culled are exclusive to New Austin.

I have two of the four Arabian horses (red and white). I missed the black Arabian because I didn’t realize that you basically let an assault in Saint Denis play out and then ride off on the victim’s horse. I stepped in and head-shot the attackers (high honor play though) which, of course, got me wanted by the law.

I have completed all the camp requests available in Ch. 2, save the rabbit request from Pearson which I just have not been able to trigger. For that one, I am going to have to just keep quitting/reloading and trying until it’s done.

As an aside, if any movie adaptation of the game doesn’t have Pearson played by Matty Matheson (Neil Faks in The Bear), we should take to the streets.

Meanwhile, I have had so many encounters that I never saw in my first play though. I saw the UFO this weekend.

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I feel like a drug dealer leading someone down a self destructive path, but here goes…

The Saint Denis buggy method works.

There are plenty of tutorials out there. The basics:
Steal a covered buggy,
Haul ass to the river near Beecher’s Hope.
Turn off the ‘follow’ feature on the camera (that keeps camera control 100% on your thumbstick).
Haul ass thru the Blackwater section directly thru Beecher’s.
Pinkerton’s will spawn; ourun them to the RR bridge into New Austin.
Say hello to the invisible sniper.

Do what you need to do in NA. I collected the plants, dinosaur bones, and hunted the legendary animals all Arthur. There are tips on how to position the camera while riding and especially when getting out. It’s freaking thrilling each time.

It took me roughly eleventy billion trips to do it but it was fun.

Me neither.

I saw a tutorial that said Arthur needs to be underweight to trigger it.

Pearson sees skinny Arthur and tells him to bring a rabbit that he’ll cook for him.

I’ve seen numerous ways to get into NA as Arthur. The wagon method works for collecting plants, but I’m not sure what else you can do. I don’t imagine you can bag the legendary animals or fish.

Another method is just to abscond into NA just before the end of the Angelo Bronte mission. You can walk around freely but none of the animals or plants will spawn there. So “walk around” is pretty much all you can do.

I’m of a mind that I can leave that up to John. I think part of my issue with leaving so much to be finished by John on my first play through was that it was a constant reminder that I could’ve been doing these things as Arthur. I’m doing the extreme opposite this time so that the only things I will leave for John are the Epilogue/New Austin only elements.

Arthur would look pretty natty in the Legend of the West outfit, though.

This playthrough is one where Arthur doesn’t seem to be looking “peeky”, but the mission triggers anyway. Basically the guy saved the game at camp just before 10am and, if the request didn’t come by noon he’d re-load and try again.

I have until Ch. 4 to get this done, by which time I expect Arthur will actually be looking peeky.

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I used the dude’s method, and the request triggered first time. I now own the Scout Jacket, and mighty fine it is too.

Also, I completed the Dreamcatchers and Rock Carvings - including getting the Old Brass Compass - and this has pushed me over 51% complete.

I think I’m done with everything doable in Ch. 2. I even had the KKK encounters.

PS I forgot to mention earlier that I had never done the railroad camp missions before; for some reason it never occurred to me to walk in there. It’s weird how they are gone now because the line is finished after my help.

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Interesting. According to this guy, the Angelo Brontë glitch allows you to hunt, fish and reap.

I might have to give this a go when I get there. This guy reckons you can do it from a replay, so that’s helpful.

100 hours on Civ 6: Leader Pass. This is so cool.

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So, I’m an idiot. I thought the penultimate mission in Chapter 2 - The Sheep and the Goats - auto-started the last mission of Chapter 2 that would roll me into Chapter 3. It doesn’t. So all this time I have been stalled on Sharpshooter 6 because that requires the Rolling Block sniper rifle that you acquire in the aforementioned Sheep/Goats mission.

I made the decision to move on to Chapter 3, did the Sheep/Goats mission, and was still free to go about my business thereafter in Chapter 2. Cool. I sniped some poor hick from 660 yards to complete SS6, abused a bunch of O’Driscolls to complete SS7 and SS8, but I ran into another roadblock at SS9. In order to shoot 3 hats off 3 heads in the same Dead Eye, you need an ability not unlocked until Chapter 4: being able to stay in Dead Eye after firing.

Stuck at Bandit 5, Herbalist 9 and SS9 in the challenges, I decided to move on to Chapter 3. We are now camped at Clemens Point, so it’s open season on Lemoyne Raiders. Oh, and I already triggered/completed one of the camp requests (Burdock Root for Kieran) immediately upon arrival. It is one of 3 requests that do not unlock until Chapter 3.

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College Football 25 early release is today at 3CT. 11 long years of waiting, ends in a matter of hours

Initial impressions: it’s fun and it’s not Madden

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I’ve spent a little more time with the game now. The gameplay is great, it feels fluid, it’s much faster than Madden, challenging but not overly difficult once you get the hang of it. That’s the good.

In dynasty, the sim engine is pretty bad. Just to use one example, I simmed through a season and Georgia went 6-6. I don’t really care if half their roster got hurt, they ain’t going 6-6. 3 teams made the playoff at 8-4, nah that isn’t happening. I really hope they fix this before the full release because that is something that will kill my enjoyment with this game. The highly rated teams need to be much better and win at a much higher rate.

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