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Other than baseball-specific games, there doesn’t appear to be much talk about video games in general in here. So why not start a thread?

I bought a PS5 a while back, but have only recently got into playing anything other than Astro’s Playroom that it comes with, which is a fun little game. I bought some other games recently, being Spider-Man, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the latest EA Sports 2024 footie game.

Spider-Man is awesome, and I am steadily working my way through the missions, side quests and trophy hunts. So much fun.

Have only played a tiny bit of Fallen Order, but it was only $8 so I’ll get to it when I can. At the beginning, it has been more puzzle solving and learning controls, so I look forward to slicing shit up with a laser sword soon.

EA Football is fine, but the skill controls are fiddly and frustrating, and learning them is booooooring. I did smash Brighton 7-0 on semi-pro level, though. Should’ve recorded that one.

Anyway, any hints, recommendations, general discussion etc. all welcome on this thread.

Red Dead Redemption 2

You don’t need to have played the first, although it’s still available and also a great game.

Really can’t recommend it highly enough.


Its the best video game and video game story of all-time.


I know nothing about video games, other than my daughters and I enjoyed Myst and loved Prince of Persia way back in the day. During the last year I made my way through Portal and Portal 2 and enjoyed both. Of course, I’m an engineer, so that probably isn’t surprising.

I’ve seen The Stanley Parable recommended for those who enjoyed Portal. Does anybody have experience with that?

I have not played video games since my kids were teens and we played together on our PS2.

It must have been a smart investment because my #2 son works for Activision Blizzard.

He is the supervising tester on the the Diablo 4 project.

He supervises the team of testers who verify it and all its upgrades and continuing content are ready for the public.

The way AB works, he will remain on Diablo as long as it has new content coming out. When that stops he will be assigned to a different game (Diablo 5?) 6-12 months before scheduled release date.

Kid’s living the dream, but had to move to Schenectady, NY to do it.


The Stanley Parable is great, definitely worth checking out.

I was going to post that Myst, Doom and Doom2 were the last video games I played in earnest. The ones nowadays seem so complicated that I can’t be bothered, although I wish I could because they all look pretty fun.
I always wanted an online game that was like the old hex boardgames. I’m sure some of y’all know what I mean–Battle of the Bulge, War of the Ring, the innumerable Civil War games like Antietam and Chickamauga. Would be cool to play online or vs a computer.

I’ve been involved in the video game industry for many years. In 1995 I met my wife while we were playing the original Neverwinter Nights, a D&D game, on AOL. We liked the game so much that I volunteered as a staff member. Another volunteer also worked at Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, and she hired me to come work there on Earth & Beyond.

I worked on E&B for a couple of years but then EA killed Westwood. (I was there the day Louis Castle announced Westwood was closing.) EA kept our game alive and made offers to a skeleton crew to come to EA Headquarters and run it there, but I declined. Which turned out to be a good idea because they cancelled the game a few months later anyway.

I’ve beta-tested and volunteered on many games since then, particularly military and strategy games like the Panzer Corps series, because I’ve loved those types of games since high school.

Right now I am volunteering on Burden of Command, which is something I’m really proud of. It’s a historic look at the Seventh Infantry Regiment (The Cottonbalers) in World War II using a fictionalized squad. It’s a roleplaying game where you are leading a squad, with lots of strategy involved. It’s going to be great when we finally release it.

Right now I’m mostly playing Baldur’s Gate 3, still trying to finish it. I’m also playing the DLC to Panzer Corps 2. Since high school, I always tend to have one strategy game and one RPG that I’m playing concurrently.


I played the hell out of these as a kid.

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Panzer Corps 2 is my current favorite, and Order of Battle is another good WWII hex-based game. The base game is free with a ton of expansions.

Check out Slitherine Games … they make a lot of these type games.

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OK Nerds!

Q1: I need a good brand of bluetooth headset (no mic) so I can watch one sports thing while she watches Hallmark crap on a different screen in the same room. I can’t imagine spending more than $100 from what I’ve looked at on amazon, but price is pretty unimportant

Q2: I, not having played a video game since Unreal Tournament in 2003?ish, would love a 2D “build your society and fight other such societies” type game. Single player, some time to pause between turns.

Help a brother out.

Surprise! I’m a huge video game nerd!

My latest fascination is Disco Elysium . It’s a point-and-click style adventure game where you play a blackout drunk cop who’s trying to solve a murder. There’s a rich fictional world, you play in the wreckage of a former world power that’s been conquered and it now co-ruled by foreign occupiers.

You can get power-ups like “Hobocop” and “Volumetric Shit Compressor” , so what’s not to like?

Oh, and here’s a screenshot.


Civilization VI.

But be warned: once you go down that path, forever will it control your destiny.


You’re not the first person to warn me about this. But now I have to try it.

Where does Space Invaders fit into this?

Right after Pong

I’m currently playing Starfield on Xbox and it has “Polished Fallout in Space” vibes.

We have Pong to thank for Chuck E. Cheese. So there’s that.

Dumb bastards lost out on so much money by never having a bar.

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I will second MM here with some caveats.

Civ player since Civ II. V was my favorite. VI I couldn’t fall for. But I’ve recently realized about myself that I am the kind of person who doesn’t typically (typically) like the albums my favorite bands come out with after I find them.

Also I had to quit Civ because I wanted my life back. A couple times.