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Thanks. I can see how a mousing over an enemy body part and clicking on it to fire is superior to using the right stick to highlight the target enemy and the left stick to highlight the body part (without moving the right stick off the selected enemy) and pulling R2 to confirm and X to execute.

Not shitting on Fallout; it’s just not for me. At least it was only $4.99, and I can still enjoy the TV show.

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Once you get used to VATS it gets much better. You’ll be targeting body parts with the quickness and leaving groups of raiders in pieces in under a minute. As far as the other elements, that’s Fallout baby! It’s famous for glitches and weird shit happening. I can tell you that it falls by the wayside once you get going and immersed.

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Also are you playing it with the big next-gen update that just rolled out today?

I played a little more last night. The game was updated; I didn’t really notice any difference but then I have very little experience of pre-update Fallout.

VATS is still a mystery to me, as is the need to save the game regularly. I was getting auto-save pop ups constantly, but being killed (the first time I encountered live raiders) set me back about 2 hours of game play.

This is what confuses me about Fallout 4:

I am husband to a murdered wife / father to a kidnapped son, yet I have all these missions stacked up and I’m supposed to go looting/crafting God knows what while building a new settlement and on and on.

What about the fucking kid?!


If you’re not feeling Fallout, I’m fairly deep into Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and enjoying it. Has Red Dead vibes and really opens up once you get to England.

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I played for a few more hours last night. VATS is a little better now, but I’m still toast if there’s more than one close quarters enemy. But I’m still completely at a loss as to what I’m doing.

I completed the mission to the electronics store which yielded a manual about robots (who killed me within seconds of activating them). I grabbed a bunch of other loot and I have been stashing that at the workstation in Sanctuary Hills but I have absolutely no idea why.

I see YT vids of people deconstructing whole cars and houses to build all this new shit, as well as have trouble keeping track of their mech armor suits because they have so many. I have watched “how to start” tutorials on YT and they just tell you where to grab a nice gun and that you should collect everything for crafting. I’m just running around in a leather suit, tripping over the dog.

It’s clearly a good game, but it’s making me feel stupid, which makes me annoyed.

So for a while you have to run away more than you fight and pick your battles very carefully. Once you level up enough and get some good gear you can start taking on enemies. I think their concept has always been “You’re new to the wasteland and will get your ass handed to you, you soft-ass vault-dwelling bitch”. NEVER fuck with robots until you’re well armed and leveled up. That means turning them on. Generally that’s a bad idea unless you’re hacked a terminal and changed their operational settings to not kill you. I never did the town building shit and it didn’t affect the gameplay whatsoever. Crafting is good for weapons though.

Here’s a Fallout 4 video that should get you on the right track.


That’s hilarious.

Also, I just figured out this year’s top Halloween costume. Couples as The Ghoul and Lucy.

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I hate Fallout 4 with vengeance.

Lucy and the Ghoul on Fallout S1? That’s so cool!

This is cool.

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I’m deeper into Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and leveling up to the point that combat is fun but still challenging. The game definitely has AC elements but often plays like Red Dead in some areas like exploration and side quests. The Viking culture and history is fun and as always they put a lot of effort into the environments around England.

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I’ve been replaying all the Assassins Creeds in order, currently on Odyssey. Really looking forward to getting back into Valhalla. Like you say, not a typical AC game, Odyssey and Origins aren’t really either, but still a lot of fun.

The new college football game will release on Friday July 19th. Full reveal coming today. I’ll be putting in my time off request today.

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Trailer looks pretty good. Hit me right in the feels a bit. This game was my childhood and it coming back almost brings tears. These next two months can’t go by fast enough.


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This exceeds all my expectations. I am very likely buying a console purely for this.

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I’ve kept my PS3 for over a decade after buying a PS4 just to play NCAA 14