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If it makes you feel better the Frenchy probably died of syphilis.

(The trinket works like this: you see a 3 star animal but flub it in some way so the pelt is 2 star. When you put it on your horse or satchel it will upgrade back to 3 star SOMETIMES. About one in three)

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Cool. Thanks. I’ve been ignoring the 2-stars, but now I’ll harvest them and see what happens.

I have bagged some better weapons and upgraded them to the max. I ran across three O’Driscolls randomly. Previously, I died in that circumstance, but this time three slugs from my long-barrel semiautomatic shotgun was all I needed to dispatch them.

Only afterwards did I think that I should’ve taken one alive and dragged him. That’s my next horseman challenge and, to be honest, I feel really bad about it.

It won’t upgrade a native 2 star. Only a 3 star animal whose pelt is damaged by the kill. Really useful for squirrels and snakes.

Finding an O’Driscoll is perfect for that challenge.

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How the hell do you “find” snakes!

Your horse is a good snake detector.

When you’re riding along and a red dot appears right next to the trail and your horse gets ansty that’s a snake.

Or a cougar.

But usually a snake.

They haul ass so you usually have to track them a little ways.

(ETA: also sometimes a bear, alligator, or panther. But usually a snake.)

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Didn’t want to share some links due to potential spoilers but since ya already know the big one, Here is one that is very helpful for finding stuff. Especially things like flowers and animals, along with random treasures if ya need cash

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Found a Lemoyne Raider. No one seemed to give a shit as I was dragging that fucker.

I’m only just now realizing that the challenges are unlocked in order. So do you get credit for prior misdeeds, or does every challenge unlock at zero?

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Thank you. I’m terrible at exploring every nook and cranny, so this will be helpful.


Things in missions can count if you can time it out.

And fuck the Lemoyne Raiders.

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As often as possible.

If I may cut into the RDR2 thread, I’ve had the last few days off due to my work systems being down.

I decided to go back and play all the Assassins Creed games. I finished Assassins Creed and about 60% of the way through AC2.

Had to play AC1 on my PC and after getting the right settings, it was still a great joy to play for a game old enough to drive.

AC2 holds up really really well, the version I am playing is the remastered “Ezio Collection” re-released on PS4 in 2016(which includes AC2, Brotherhood, which my favorite AC game, and Revelations).

All in all, I am having a fantastic time immersing myself in the story and setting.

You may now return to your regular scheduled broadcasting

I read it as R2D2 everytime


I do too

One of my wife’s cousins, who lives in Southern California, thought I was pulling his leg when I told him that not day goes by without seeing a herd of Whitetail deer in my yard at my place in Maryland. And then he came and stayed for a visit and couldn’t believe his eyes. And then he seriously asked if hunting was allowed on our 3-to-5 acre lots. And was equally surprised when I said yes, as long as it is by bow and arrow.

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Is it bad of me that I just want to fucking murder Gavin’s mate.

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Welp, looks like I’ll be buying a PS5 at some point in the not too distant future:

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So there’s teasers for trailers for video games?

Made it to Guarma. To be honest, the end of Ch. 4 and the start of Ch. 5 have been the most disappointing part of the game. You’re moving through a tunnel that consists of long, expository cut scenes and “game play” that is basically just holding the “walk” button.

I miss my horse and my freedom.

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Sadly, yup. But at the same time, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ch. 5 is stupid and annoying so far.

It’s Canto Bight who f Canto Bight was in the middle of Empire.