The Void: 2022-23 Offseason


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I wouldn’t recommend bringing anything remotely political up around here.

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I wouldn’t recommend being a fucking dumbass.


Me either, it must be tough for some people

You’ve claimed a government cabal was responsible for the “silencing”; do you have proof? Who are the members of this cabal? Can you name them? How do they derive their power? If you can’t answer these questions, you are just a conspiracy monger.

Do you believe in property rights? Do you think a private company can be forced to promote hate speech and violence:? Do you understand that the 1st amendment prevents government, at any level, from applying prior restraint to any speech, but does not require agreement or acceptance by any entity, public or private, and does not shield the speaker from the consequences of their speech.

You are actually arguing that the government should force private media companies to carry hate speech and calls to violence. The same logic means the government must also force media companies to carry child pornography or literally anything else. The owners of the media company would have no choice. So—FREEDOM!!!

So… any news on Verlander?

Hey, D Ward. How much of QAnon do you read/believe?

I don’t read or know much of anything about Qanon. If that is the group that thinks Trump is still in charge, I don’t believe in it.

Ok, y’all, please take it to the other thread.


I think your post about Elon’s keyboard started all this with the Tin Hat guy.

Maybe, but my post had nothing to do with politics.

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Elon is all politics.

The malaise at large caused the story of Harper playing thru his elbow to go unappreciated. Not just for the unselfishness by Harper but the physicality- to be able to swing like he did (an almost historic post-season production) despite not being able to throw. Hitters’ swings have been engineered and the game has changed for this.

Heyman so reader beware…

Alleges the Astros are 1 of 11 teams interested in Cody Bellinger.

I’m not surprised. He can play CF and 1B (both club needs) at a plus level on defense. He bats lefty (also said to be a club need) and he won’t be seeking a ton of money or years.

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While I didn’t understand the Rizzo hate… I really don’t fucking want Cody Bellinger on the Astros. The person or the player


I just want to team to continue to be successful. If Bellinger can help them do that then I’m all for it.

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I think it’s the latter that is highly debatable.


Agree. Will be interesting to see how the team plays this offseason.