The Void: 2022-23 Offseason

Teams can negotiate with their own free agents exclusively until Thursday at 5pm ET, at which time players can sign with any team…

I’m sure this will work out perfectly for the Mets…

I thought Verlander was a free agent? Did he exercise his option after all?

Doesn’t have to say either way yet

Thursday is also the deadline for those players like Verlander with options in their contracts.

That’s also the reason you don’t see Correa, DeGrom, Rodon or Rizzo anywhere in that press release.

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Diaz is the best closer in baseball? I think you could make a case for some others.

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Bowden out with his contract predictions. Some of the more relevant (catchers, outfielders and 1B) and/or interesting ones…

  • JV 3 yr/$135MM (that’s a $45MM AAV for the math-challenged)

  • Judge 8 yr/$330MM ($41.25MM)

  • Correa 10 yr/$327MM ($32.7MM AAV)

  • Contreras 4 yr/$78MM ($19.5MM AAV and FWIW he identifies the Astros as one of 4 clubs as best fits for signing him)

  • Nimmo 5 yr/$100MM ($20MM AAV)

  • Abreu 2 yr/$34MM ($17MM AAV)

  • Rizzo 3 yrs/$54MM ($18MM AAV)

  • Conforto 2 yrs/$34MM ($17MM AAV)

  • Bell 3 yrs/$39MM ($13MM AAV)

(he had Diaz at 4 yr/$65MM so he was short in both # of years and AAV)

I’d be all over Nimmo with $100M of Crane’s money.


Heyman had these predictions…

  • JV 2 yr/$75MM ($37.5MM)

  • Judge 9 yr/$330MM ($36.67MM)

  • Correa 9 yr/$275MM ($30.56MM)

  • Contreras 4 yr/$88MM ($22MM)

  • Nimmo 7 yr/$145MM ($20.71MM)

  • Abreu 3 yr/$75MM ($25MM)

  • Rizzo 2 yrs/$40MM ($20MM)

  • Conforto 1 yr/$14MM

  • Bell 3 yrs/$51MM ($17MM)

  • Vazquez 3 yrs/$33MM ($11MM)

He had Diaz almost spot-on at 5 yr/$105MM.

I know who the best closer in November was.


I haven’t kept abreast of non-field topics these last months, so sorry if the topic is fleshed out in another thread, but I sure hope they resolve the GM uncertainty real soon. And by “resolve,” I mean extending Click by an owner fully in support of the extension.

The Passan article says Crane will address the situation tomorrow.

By that I’m assuming he’s going to announce extensions for both Click and Baker.


The reporting makes it sound like Baker is a certainty. This town should eat Crane alive if he fires Click.


I hope they can work something out with JV. I also hope they sign Yuli on a short term team friendly deal and I wouldn’t mind seeing Brantley as an every day DH if he was cheap.


… which is all (apparently) that matters. West of the Hudson is a wasteland.


This more or less what I was thinking but I bet the 2nd year is a vesting option like last year.

Btw, thanks for posting all the info as usual Walt.

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One of the commenters to the Athletic article posted this as to how Bowden did with his top 10 projections last year…

  1. C. Seager 10/320, signed 10/325
  2. Correa 10/300, signed 3/105
  3. Freeman 6/187, signed 6/162
  4. Scherzer 3/150, signed 3/130
  5. Semien 5/148, signed for 7/175
  6. Story 7/204, signed 6/140
  7. Bryant 6/150, signed 7/182
  8. Ray 5/120, signed 5/115
  9. Gausman 5/118, signed 5/110
  10. Baez 6/172, signed 6/140

Both Bowden and Heyman mention the Cardinals as a possible landing spot for Christian Vazquez and Derrick Goold of the STL Post-Dispatch confirms there is likely to be interest there…

I’d love to keep Vazquez but he wants to start. With another year left on Maldonado’s deal that isn’t happening here. Looks like Kory Lee will probably be the back up and if he does well, he takes over in 2024??

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