The Pitching

Correct. Player option for JV. Mancini may have the mutual option.

Think it’s going to cost a lot more than $25MM to keep Verlander next year.

the way he’s pitching, I don’t see any reason not to give the guy a 7-year contract.

Yep, and the Mets among others will be circling. Of course DeGrom is also going to be a free agent.

Prior this contract he was deciding between the Astros, Yankees and Blue Jays.

If he finishes the season strong and healthy, I bet he will equal or surpass Scherzer’s 3 year $130MM contact. The only way Houston keeps him is if they offer him a short term, record yearly money deal I think. No way do they offer him a deal that’s very long term in my opinion. The good thing is that Verlander has been open minded to short term deals.

We don’t really have a precedent for a 40 year old reigning Cy Young winner


Yep. Just a 41 year old reigning Cy Young award winner.

Gaylord Perry was 40 in 78. Roger Clemons 42, man that guy was great, 2004. Youngest Gooden 20 in 85.

Personally I think we have been blessed with Verlander, excluding to years of almost no pitching at a high salary. He spent many, many years in Detroit. Came back somewhat of a question mark here to Houston. May earn another Cy young in houston. I wouldn’t bet on anything, but he might make a somewhat reasonable deal with us. He knows the team, the team is very, very good. At least for a few more years, IMHO. I like that we have the rays old GM, because I like the way he calculates. Would never bet for it, but would never bet against it. Verlander that is.

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