The Pitching

Particularly with LMJ on the shelf I would never have predicted this current group putting together a stretch like this. Just 11 runs in 10 games with 5 shutouts. I’m sure somebody’s probably researching it but I’d really like to know where this ranks all time in Astros history in terms of fewest runs allowed in a 10-game period.


Hard not to win with pitching like this. The offense has heated up too.

The depth (knocking on all the wood around) is remarkable. When LMJ comes back, there’s 7 quality starters. Neris-Montero-Pressley could rival Lidge-Dotel-Wagner, and with Maton and Stanek to mix in as needed, it’s really amazing.

Just recall, there are baseball gods out there just itching to slap down hubris.


There is still much room for improvement.

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Yep. I fear numerous mysterious injuries now.

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Odorizzi (1 earned run in his last 17 2/3 IP) and his turn in the rotation is being skipped this weekend.

So in a universal DH era does it even make sense to report statistical leaders by league? Other than perhaps an historical legacy standpoint…

Only in so far as the league still determines the bulk of a team’s schedule, I think.

Yes but…

You play more games against divisional opponents than non-divisional opponents so by that same logic you would report statistical leaders by division and not league.

The planned schedule changes for 2023 which would dramatically increase the number of interleague games further undercuts the argument for reporting stat leaders by league versus overall MLB.

I haven’t kept up, but I thought next year was a balanced schedule, meaning the same schedule for everyone regardless of league. I take it that this is not the case.

Never mind. I see that MLB’s idea of a balanced schedule does not equal mine. Still weighted towards your division.

Yes. 56 games against your division, 60 games against other teams within your league, 46 interleague games.

It’s been confirmed that it is a club record.

And now 12 runs allowed in the 11 game winning streak ties the '65 Dodger pitching staff for fewest in the last 100 years. Fucking incredible.

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Who saw that coming?!?!

Definitely not I. It is wondrous to behold, though.


The 65 Dodgers were my favorite team as a 9-year-old.

After last nights games (including where the Phillies put a 12 spot on the Dodgers):

You guys…,