The Inevitable What About The Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread Thread

Oh, and to the surprise of no one, the fuckwit who tried to gatecrash an FBI compound a few days ago is a fully paid up member of the Trump cult.

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You have no proof of that. Seek help.

Trump is deeper in hock to the Russians than we will ever know.

Oh yes the Russians own Trump. Just ask Robert Mueller, whose Russia Russia investigation proved nothing.

We will likely see more Democrats switching their political affiliation as time goes on. As the Democrat party becomes more radicalized, more people with a fully functional brain in the party will jump ship. Some people are radicalized and will never admit that that made a mistake. Limey is a pretty good example. Many in the Democrat party are like him and are missing a few brain cells. You can’t fix stupid but there may be hope for some.

So after a weekend spent violating the gag order in the NY criminal election fraud trial, Trump has finally turned his social media platform at Judge Cannon. After all the hundreds upon hundreds of posts about Judge Merchan, Judge Chutkan, Judge Engoran, his law clerk and their various family members, why has Trump finally got around to going after Judge Cannon?

Could it be that Jack Smith’s latest court filing has him worried?

Cannon has been deliberately or accidentally rat-fucking the Espionage Act case because she hasn’t issued a ruling on any of the significant motions filed by either side. And if you don’t issue rulings, you can’t be appealed [insert knowing forehead tap gif here].

The danger to the prosecution is that leaving all this shit unresolved until the trial means that she could create a double-jeopardy situation simply by doing nothing until after a jury is seated. At that point any collapse of the trial due to her incompetence/interference would mean that Trump was off the hook for good. Turning delay into acquittal is so perfectly on brand for Trump it hurts.

So Smith boxed her in. He said that she has to rule on this jury instruction nonsense in time to allow him to appeal before the trial, or he’s going to make a mandamus motion to the 11th Circuit, essentially requesting her removal from the case because she sucks at her job (of which there is ample evidence).

If she rules, he’s going to appeal; if she doesn’t rule, he’s going to appeal. Suddenly, Cannon is being forced to shit or get kicked off the pot. And, at the same time, Trump starts up a social media pressure campaign for her to hold the line for him.


Just because Cannon isn’t doing everything Barry and the Democrat party want her to do, does not mean that she should be removed from the case. The democrats just want her to have Trump jailed with no trial. That’s not how this works. You should try telling the truth one of these days. I’m convinced that you would lie if the truth did you good.

Just a friendly reminder - as Trump Media’s stock price continues to slide about 5% every day - that stock manipulation is agains the law.

This is just advertising. That’s what he does.

Your photo is from a rally in Ann Arbor during the 2020 campaign.

Advertising how much cash-on-hand the company has?

Trump rallies in 2020 were 'uge! Just ask Herman Cain.

Eh? Oh.

It’s public information.

All pump and dump schemes involve a publicly traded company with publicly available information. Otherwise, there’s no way for the marks to buy into the “pump” part.

Judge McAfee has rejected Trump’s motion in the GA election interference case that he was just exercising his right to free speech.

Oh yes they have got much bigger now that Covid magically went away and he can have “big” events now.

Public companies are required to report cash on hand as part of their financial statements. “Pump and dump” schemes involve disseminating false or grossly misleading information. I think Trump is a huckster as much as you do, but I’m not seeing where him pointing out otherwise verified (let’s assume for this moment that it is) information that investors already have is stock manipulation.

In more legal winning news, there is some more detail about the deficiencies in Trump’s $175 million bond. Knight Specialty may not be licensed to issue bonds in New York and may not even meet the capital requirements to support such a commitment.

It also seems that Knight Specialty hasn’t taken control of the cash collateral from Trump, and is operating on an IOU. That’s a bold strategy, Cotton…

Once again, Limey spewing garbage that he has no proof of. Who knows where Cain got the Barry funded coronavirus.

The owner of Knight Specialty is the “sub-prime auto loan king” and Trump mega donor Don Hankey. The more you look at this deal, the more it seems to be put together with a nod and a wink, with no money changing hands and Hankey using Knight’s paper to issue a promise to pay that no one intends to honor.

Knight’s spokesperson said that they are not licensed in NY, but are issuing this bond on an “excess and surplus lines” basis. Well, as a licensed excess and surplus lines broker, I can tell you that “unlicensed” and “excess and surplus lines” are not the same thing. You still have to be licensed by the state to operate as an E&S insurer.