The Inevitable What About The Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread Thread

If they want to defeat the chemtrails why don’t they just keep a nice spray bottle of vinegar handy like normal people?

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Ivomec, it’s good for what ails ya

About goddamn time we repeal these so called “laws” of physics. I never voted for any of them.


Well, so-called “gravity” is just a theory anyway. We need to start teaching the alternative theories for why every time a Russian hits the ground when he falls out of a window.

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Concrete is magnetic. Everyone knows that.

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Yep. When it rains, the magnetism is reduced (obviously), which is why cars slide around. Libtards with their woke-ass “gravity” and “friction”…

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The last 6 posts are perfect examples of how stupid the liberal population has become. I’m very proud to no longer be associated with the Democrat party.

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John Eastman has been formally disbarred, because ETTD.


It’s caravan season already?

The situation with the stollen (sic) documents case is coming to a head. A little while ago, Judge Cannon - who is the only judge on a Trump case who Trump hasn’t dragged on social media - asked the two sets of lawyers for opinions on her draft jury instructions.

Not to bury the lead here, she has multiple motions from both sides piling up in her chambers (see post above about her staff turnover), and has not even set a trial date despite holding a totally unnecessary, day-long hearing about such over a month ago. But here she is, leapfrogging all of that to get to jury instructions.

She offered two potential jury instructions, both of which are, in legal parlance, utter bollocks. She has taken nonsensical arguments from the defense about the Presidential Records Act - which has nothing to do with this case - formulated legal questions around them and wants the jury to make a legal determination.

(1) That’s not their job and, (b) it’s akin to asking them to decide if the moon is made of parmesan or if the moon is made of camembert.

Well Jack Smith seems to have (finally) come to the end of his rope here. His response to Cannon has called her on her bullshit and threatens to appeal this to the 11th Circuit, where Cannon’s “judgement” has been roundly panned twice already.

Whatever happens, this trial is not going to start - let alone finish - before the election, which is a win for Team Trump. Further, Cannon’s constant lucying of the football on trial dates runs interference on all Trump’s other trials, because they use this case’s latest pencilled-in trial date to delay other trials.

Once Jack Smith accepts that the trial is not happening this year, the downside to asking the 11th Circuit to remove her from the case goes away.

The UK is going to have an election this year. A date will be announced, probably with just the minimum required 5 weeks notice, there will be a flurry of campaigning, people will vote and it will then all be over. The fixed, four-year cycle is what causes the U.S. to have the perma-campaigns we have to endure.

So how is that UK election likely to go? Well, according to the Murdoch-owned news channel:

Trump has filed a motion in the NY election fraud case to have the case postponed indefinitely because of pre-trial publicity. No smiley or winkie emoji. Seriously.

DA Bragg has filed his response, objecting to any such thing (of course), in part because “defendant’s own incessant rhetoric is generating significant publicity”. No shit.

In the words of Austin Powers: Fuk Mi that was quick!

This is awesome!

He’s in a half-full school gymnasium, with a barrier set up across the room to compress the crowd in front of the stage. He keeps on blathering about how the cameras won’t show the “uge” crowd, not knowing that they have zoomed out.



Meanwhile at the Biden rally….

You know that cameraman won’t work another Trump Rally.

They should do that every rally, cause based on media coverage, I was under the impression he drew big crowds. You know, the interviews where they say they had been camped out for days. No need to camp out for that, just walk right on in to the gym. The guy is fraudulent in everything.


Well if that’s the case, he should change his political affiliation to Democrat.

Exactly. He’s standing in front of dozens of people pretending like it’s a Taylor Swift concert when, in reality, it’s a Lara Trump concert. There is no shame, there is no bottom.

This could be nothing; it could be everything.

The “paperwork” his lawyer “forgot” to include was a current financial statement. Isn’t that what got him here in the first place? He’s got to file an accurate financial statement that will at least be subject to scrutiny by the state of NY, if not fully available to the public.

Is the bond not for the full amount? Is there some Trump IOU involved triggering the requirement for the financial statement?