The Inevitable What About The Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread Thread

Things just keep looking worse for the old demented sock puppet.

Of course he knew. Biden has been a fraud for many years. 3 in 5 is pretty accurate because that’s roughly the amount of people who support Trump over Biden.

While Trump has been in court and/or channeling Hitler, Biden has negotiated a ceasefire and hostage release in Gaza.

Quite the split screen.

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The only thing Biden negotiated was another Ensure from his wife.

Biden was only able to do it because he had a teleprompter pulling his strings.


Biden to Gaza: “Mr Putin ceasefire and disarm your waffles or else it’s sunny outside. Next paragraph, repeat the line. Which way do we go I’m lost?”

The old bumbling fool would read anything off of a teleprompter and can’t speak a coherent sentence.

Don’t forget to stuff a turkey this week.

McConney was handed People’s Exhibit 3054, a draft of Trump’s net-worth statement for 2014. He was asked to look at a note scribbled in thin blue ink on the draft’s first page, “DJT TO GET FINAL REVIEW,” which he said he’d written.

McConney is the long-time Trump Org comptroller, and was put on the stand by the defense. The above happened on cross-examination, and hangs the fraud directly around the neck of Trump himself. The AG claims there was circa $3.5 billion of exaggerations in the 2014 SOFC.

That’s a bigly number.

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Seriously…. Wtf is going on? Who the fuck are these people and why do they have to look so god damn weird….?

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This is your president ladies and gentlemen. He’s an embarrassment to the United States and makes us look terribly weak.


For real. Wtf?


Will the history books tell the story about how fascist leaders from the early 2020’s had to have their hair glued on by their grandkids using Elmer’s? Or will it focus on policy?

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It may focus on how many cases of Ensure and Diapers Biden goes through in a week.

But!! Biden is commanding the courts through diabolical and impossible means to dictate commands to “get trump” to the DoJ. So is he super duper smart? Or senile? Choose one, because whichever one you choose blows up half of your argument.

What you don’t get is that nobody here really gives a fuck about Joseph Biden. He seems like a decent dude but I vote policy. I don’t vote for who I wish was my dad like you do.

I figured that would strike a nerve.

What policies of Biden’s do you like the best?

And we both know Barry is calling the shots.

Biden likes children. He likes them to sit on his lap. He also likes them to rub his leg and watch his leg hair turn blonde in the sun as his leg is being rubbed. What a creepy old pedophile. I wouldn’t let him come within 10 feet of my daughter.

After your waaaay too detailed description of what you think he does I wouldn’t let you within two fucking states of my child. How does your brain even go to those places?

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MAGA types project hard enough to show Powerpoint slides on the moon…


I see you dancing around the question. You have no clue.

Your boy Biden said all of that stuff. How does his mind even go to those places?