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I had the shingles shot last year, and I did feel a bit shitty for a couple of days. Nothing horrendous, but a notch up from the COVID vaccine.

Just scheduled mine for next Wednesday.

Thank yall again for the reminders.

My father had shingles and was fucking miserable. He and my mom came out to DC years ago to visit me and the girl I was dating at the time. I remember he wanted to do little more than sit down. Still amazed he made that trip.

I didn’t think shingles were that bad but that was after I burned my right forearm and right calf bad enough to need skin grafts. Pain has been measured differently since then.

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The skin graft torture scene in Red Sparrow made me close my eyes and turn away


Thanks for posting this. Incredible image.


3D billboards are nuts.

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We are not prepared for the moment when our benevolent overlords take over.

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We were warned in Back to the Future 2.


“Benevolent” shows a degree of optimism I do not share

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This guy says that a computer “bug” killed the Japanese lander.

It executed a perfect “landing” as we all saw on the live stream, but it turned out that it was 5km above the lunar surface when it did so. The lander floated on its engine, anticipating contact, until it ran out of fuel and plummeted to the lunar surface.

But, as the video shows, the lander flew over a deep, and deep-sided, crater that confused its programming and caused it to ignore its seemingly malfunctioning ground radar. But that was a built-in fail safe so the programming was acting correctly, and not the victim of a bug.

The real culprit, as touched on in the video, is that that Japanese team simulated all the possible landing sites and then picked a brand new landing site that they never simulated. Had they done so, the lander’s reaction to overflying the deep crater might well have materialized during the simulation and therefore been addressed in the final flight plan.

It wasn’t a “bug” that doomed the lander. It was a lack of imagination on the part of the team. Or arrogance. Or laziness. Or a combination of all three. Probably a combination of all three.


Just trying to get on our overlords’ good side when they take over.

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That doesn’t seem like a distraction to drivers at all.

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Yeah, everything is fine.

USAF was testing an AI program that was designed to attack specific targets. It deemed the human operator a target and attacked them. Fortunately, this was in a simulator.

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SkyNet will fix all of that

Those who have not watched “The Terminator” are doomed to repeat “The Terminator.”

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Robocop is a bit better than T1 and much better than T2. Tell me I’m wrong.

Was it wrong, though…