OWA Bracket Challenge 2023

Nope. Was Mission Burrito, no idea how I just remembered that.


It has apparently been decided that Tshiebwe will be allowed to do whatever he wants today.

Pretty good game going on though.

Yeah, it is. And you have to give Tshiebwe credit for going and getting balls and for making his FT’s.

KState goes up by five with a minute left…

Insane 3-pointers at the end.

KState to the Sweet 16

No more perfect brackets…

#2 Marquette loses to #7 Sparty.

Mich St fended them off petty much the entire game.

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Down goes #2 Marquette!

Tom Izzo is one hell of a coach

Creighton giving Baylor what for. Lead by 10 at the half.

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BigX? needs to step it up a bit

Baylor looks cooked.

Down 14 with 7 to play.

They’re getting smoked.

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I was told before the tourney by a Baylor alum that “this team cannot play defense and cannot rebound”, that comment is playing out tonight

That “illegal screen” foul call against Baylor is possibly worse than anything I saw in the UH game. Possibly.

Down goes Baylor!

Big 12 not exactly holding up that “strongest conference in the land” narrative.

FDU on a 12-1 run to surge to a 37-33 lead on FAU.

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