OWA Bracket Challenge 2023

Nope, but no other conference is either

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This game is awesome.

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You absolutely, positively, unabashedly love to see it.

This is an honest ? because I don’t pay attention to Baylor sports:

I’ve seen it, and I don’t quite understand it, so I’ll ask it:

Why the hate for Scott Drew?

I have wondered the same thing.

Personally, it’s only a little hate for Scott Drew, who has long been rumored to be the filthiest coach in the dirty world of recruiting.

It’s that all of the Baylor athletic program’s disgraces and particularly their appalling treatment of women should have had them launched into the sun.

“Coach from Kansas using football play in other sport” now becoming more and more common

Eleven conferences represented in the sweet 16 is what makes the NCAA Basketball tournament the best.

SEC - 3
BE - 3
B12 - 2
Ivy - 1
CUSA - 1
MW - 1
B10 - 1
AAC - 1
ACC - 1
WCC - 1
Pac10 - 1


This is just perfection. Kevin Harlan is so good, but seeing his reaction is amazing:


The FD coach left for Iona. That did not take long.

MSU vs KSU is nuts.

Great game!

Arky got crushed in the first half by UConn

Arkansas is still getting crushed. MSU wont go away.

That long 3 TCU took with about 20 seconds left was idiotic

eta: and he just took another one

eta: and he just took another one

Massoud is a dude

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There, Massoud was the man. Nowell with 19 assists. NCAA record.

KSU needs to foul.

Man, what a game. KState movin on!