OWA Bracket Challenge 2023

Another year another chance for bragging rights:

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Filled out.

Who do you have losing to UH in the championship game?


I picked Alabama to win it all. Hope like hell I’m wrong but they’re the best team I’ve seen all year. Of course I want UH to win and then UT if not UH. TCU if not UT or UH.

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I picked KU. It hurt.

Who will the Tide beat in the championship game on your bracket?

Brackets are fun.

I’ve got Baylor as an upset champion. I also have an all Big XII Final Four, which is…unlikely.

That… Might be a mistake: No team has ever won a national championship after losing its first game in the conference tournament.
• Baylor (No. 3 seed) and Kansas State (No. 3 seed) are the only top-4 seeds that lost their conference tourney opener this year

From: 2023 March Madness bracket facts for men's NCAA tournament


I am often wrong, but I no longer am a believer in KU after I saw UT dismantle them twice in a week. Those were not just wins; they were butt-kickings, and UT may have exposed KU’s weakness at guard. We’ll see. I love March Madness.

KU doesn’t not like having people in their guards’ faces (not many do), and anybody who can do that like UT does (Houston and Tennessee come to mind, maybe Virginia, too) will give them trouble. Also, I think a lot of KU’s mid-season excellence was due to outstanding play from Dick, and it seems like he’s hit a wall lately.

I will fill out 3, maybe 4 more, brackets in other pools. Each one will be a little different.

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Alabama is my pick to win it all. The only bracket that my heart picked was Auburn upsetting UT. I know it probably won’t happen but I also know winning bragging rights probably isn’t going to happen either so why not have some fun.


eta: sorry, preview don’t work, but the article is free

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Upsets began early today

Virginia loses to Furman.

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Dennis Gates, Missouri’s coach is one cool cookie. If UT doesn’t sign Terry like I hope they will, they should give Gates a look.