OWA Bracket Challenge 2023

I know absolutely nothing about him…I’ve paid zero attention to Mizzou sports since they went to the SEC

Why do you think/say this?

He previously coached at Cleveland State and took them to the tournament. Before that he was the Assistant HC at FSU under Leonard Hamilton. FSU hasn’t been good since Gates left in 2019. He looks like he should be playing bebop sax in a jazz quartet.

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I give you my one-and-only bracket:
Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 3.57.10 PM

ETA - 3-1 so far; I had WV over MD


Charleston is supposed to win this game. Oh well.

Down goes #2 Arizona!

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15th seed Princeton drops 2 seeded Arizona.

Well — that balances my Furman pick. I had them losing to KU in the finals. :frowning:

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Arizona becomes the only school to have twice lost a #15 over #2 matchup.

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I love Sir’Jabari Rice.


My alma mater makes it easy for me to drink turpentine in copious amounts.

Fuck me, that was atrocious.
We deserved to lose,

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I’ll buy you a beer next time you’re in town.

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I’ll need it, bud…

Let’s go Coogs.


I was feeling for you.


I saw Arizona play a few times this year.

I don’t know why they decided to send a completely different team to the Tournament.


Woodward for Colgate has some Yeti blood.

We were way too inconsistent at times and Princeton exploited it well to their credit.

I just hope tempe normal school gets their asses handed to them by the Frogs.

Ugh, this is a tough one to stomach.

When’s beisbol season start?

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Sasser looks healthy.

That’s Doctor Sir’Jabari Rice to you.


Cougars need to get off their dicks in the 2H