OWA Bracket Challenge 2023

Disu picked the perfect time to have the game of his life.


Just gotta shoot free throws now.

Texas moving on!

Hoping for that UT/UH matchup.


Impressive after the timeout down 3.

Despite that foul on the 3.

Very nice closeout.

That and one 3 foul with 5 seconds left was embarrassingly bad officiaiting. I’m glad it didnt end up mattering, but holy shit.


Winning ugly beats losing pretty.

Thank God for Disu.

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“The role of Tramon Mark will be played by Dylan Disu for this performance”


Looked like Carr landed under(ish) the feet of an shooter in the air (aka the “Bruce Bowen & Klay Thompson Maneuver”), which is or should be a foul every time, because it’s a dangerous jackass move.

It was incredibly dumb regardless, at least he made his FTs later


Alabama and Maryland putting on a shooting shit show.

I’m all about Northwestern right now…but Bama could lose too and I’d be pretty ok with it

This Alabama/Maryland game has gone 8 minutes with neither team scoring.

More turnovers than shots made. Ugly.

First, Hudson’s comments during the first half mirrored mine. Also random the legend Case Keenum showed up to Little Woodrow’s where we always watch UH games. Also just spent 1.5K on airline tix to KC. Lastly. What a game from Tramon Mark. Shead and Sasser with 4 fouls and Tramon steps the hell up, love it.

Which one, out of curiousity, and keep doing it.

White Oak

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You know he’s an “Official Houston Texan” yet again?

Only one I remember going to was West Alabama-ish? There was another somewhere back then, maybe.

Also, this:

Also, I feel like @chuck would have been happy with my restraint tonight. The UFC dirtbags were hogging the tv. We let them watch their male underwear wrestling. UH Down 10 at half. UFC over and Coogs roll.


West Alabama lil Woodrow’s will always be the best. R.I.P.

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RIP? The burrito place (can’t remember the name) was next door and that made a brilliant outdoor fun time.

I saw one of the greatest “almost-fights” of my life at those pool tables closest to the street at Woodrow’s.

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I think it was maybe thunder som