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This could be interesting.

Trigger Warning: Christian Horner sighting in this clip. Please move any yeetable objects out of reach.

Fair play to them; the Vegas GP track looks absolutely amazing. The whole setting looks like a video game.

Yes, I’m watching the first practice session, which I never ever do. Vegas, baby.

The back straight is looooooooooooooong.

…and 15 minutes into the 60-minute FP1, the session is ended when a track defect basically broke the back of a Ferrari.

So they lose 45 minutes of practice on a track they’ve never seen before. This is the chaos that people were fearing.

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Well I’ll tell you what I enjoy about this whole thing and that’s I enjoy traveling from the east side of I-15 to the west side of I-15 and needing to do that via San Diego. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl.


I’m sure the fans who got to see 15 minutes of FP1, and then were kicked out of the stands before the long-delayed start of FP2, will think it was all worthwhile.

Maybe those fans who discovered that their $3,000 ticket for the practice session - I’m talking about practice…not a race…practice - offered only a restricted view won’t feel quite so bad because they couldn’t see shit anyway.

Maybe they can form a class action with Ferrari and Carlos Sainz, who have been slapped with a 10-place grid penalty because the track reached up and ripped out their engine, requiring its replacement. So that’s a couple o’ mil on a new engine that goes towards their season spending cap, and the likely loss of a few mil o’ prize money for starting 10 places back of where they qualified.

F1 gonna F1.

Speaking of grid penalties, Everton FC has been slapped with a 10-point deduction for violation of financial fair play rules. This is quite a stunning decision, very much deserved as the sanction is, given that the FA was never expected to have the balls to actually do it.

Factoring in to their decision may have been the fact that there are at least three other teams who are so shit that they will finish below Everton even after the points deduction, so the sanction will not cost Everton their Premier League status.

If they’d done this last year (when they should have), Everton would’ve been relegated comfortably.

The whole F1 weekend now at risk;

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Max Verstappen joked that only seeing his face on the Sphere would be a distraction. I’d probably smash the car straight into the wall, the world champion laughed.

He would finally realize how ridiculous that pathetic shit-smear of a mustache looks.

BREAKING NEWS…Nevada has run out of duct tape.

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I thought they welded those things down for races.

They welded them down, but it seems that the metal-to-asphalt bond didn’t hold.

No worries, they’ve fixed it.

Which reminds me, I’ll be there so let’s chat between now and then.

You got it. If you’re up for a quick jaunt I understand that there are still some F1 tickets available for this weekend.


We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.


I do t know why the FIA bothers running the races if they’re just going to give every race to Verstappen.

This is just ridiculous: Nebraska vs Kentucky women’s volleyball rally


Q1 in Abu Dhabi is riveting.

Drivers finally hitting the track 6 minutes after the green light.

I bet Sainz wishes he hadn’t bothered.

Nice, level-headed review of Las Vegas F1.

I’ll be there next week. It’ll be interesting to see how the permanent infrastructure melds back into the Vegas Strip “design” for the balance of the year.

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Are these Arsenal away shirts supposed to be topo maps?