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Not sure if we have something like this, but the discussion on America’s Cup, Cornhole, and World’s Strongest Man competition got me to thinking we should have a thread for these oddball events.

I’ll start with today’s 147th Preakness Stakes.

I’m taking Armagnac, for obvious reasons.

I stumbled across smashball a couple of years ago, and it’s something that my buddies and I would have dreamt up on a drunken Saturday night. And now they have tournaments and TV contracts? Insane.

And it’s Early Voting! Armagnac led for a while but ran out of gas.

Maybe you did and someone else is capitalizing on your idea. You should get a lawyer.

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The 72nd hole:

Mito Peirera stomps his dick today, including double bogey on 18 to lose the PGA Championship.

The 72nd hole. The 27th out. Coincidence? I think not.

To be fair, it was a day long dick stomp. He was +5 on the day. But he had a one shot lead on 18 and promptly drove into the water.

Losing to Zalatoris probably made him feel like a bit of a c……

I’m looking for the word you meant but I can’t find it

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And Justin Thomas comes from seven back this morning to capture the PGA. Helluva comeback.

A $2mm double bogey. Ouch.

On cue, ESPN2 currently is showing the American kennel Club Agility Championship

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The what now?

Probably deserves a separate thread at some point, but a few weeks ago the US was awarded the men’s 2031 Rugby World Cup and the women’s 2033 Rugby World Cup.

It’s obviously still several years away, but Major League Rugby will be 15 years old by then (yes, we have a professional rugby competition here in the States - and Houston has a team, the Sabercats), which means the standard of play and awareness of the sport will have increased exponentially by then.

More importantly, this has the potential do for rugby what hosting the '94 Soccer World Cup did for that sport in the US.


Dog obstacle courses.

If I ever started watching these, it would be three months before I came up for air.

I have to admit, of all of the non-sports out there, dog obstacle courses is one of the cooler ones.

Timber sports.

I caught a few minutes of dog diving on ESPN 2 last week. Great television.