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It had 0-0 written all over it from the very start

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Cliff Chris Richards starting for Palace at Man U today. 2pm CDT on ESPN+ for anyone interested.

Our road kit for this season is class.

I just turned it on to see them tending to the goalkeeper, who has now left the match. What happened?

And when did United add Sideshow Bob to the attack?

Must admit that I’d nodded off. This game is shit.

Rob Holding is not very good. Dont really understand why Palace signed him.

He’s 5th in the pecking order for the 2 CB slots. This game was sacrificed on the altar of the Premier League - our squad is so decimated by injury.

Makes sense, hadnt seen his name pop up this year. Arsenal have just got bit bad by the injury bug, think they will play a mixture of B/C squad guys and youngsters tomorrow.

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Olé Olé Olé Olé

I don’t think I’d let Spieth out again until Sunday. And he owes Thomas a big apology.

The deliberate ploy of every hole being ridiculously long or ridiculously short really seems to have knocked Team USA off its game.

That, and the insistence that tee shots land in the fairway.


Right. But that’s driven by taking Team USA out of its comfort zone. They’re worried about their 2nd shots which puts pressure on their tee shots.

Not that it’s in the same stratosphere, but I remember a time when my putting went for shit and how that caused me to be unable to hit every other club in my bag. The poor putting meant that the approach needed to be perfect, which meant the tee shot needed to be perfect to set up the perfect approach. All the shit rolled backwards from worrying about the putt.

Koepka call Rahm a child in an interview after their match. I’m sure that’s going to be up on the board in the much-vaunted European players’ room.


Fun Fact: “Koepka” is Polish for “bell end”.

I hope it’s not 10 1/2 to 1 1/2 when I tune in tomorrow morning. US has to win 12 1/2 points out of the remaining 20, which seems like a stretch.

Homa and Harman single-handedly making sure there’s meaningful play on Sunday.

Seriously, Koepka/Scheffler lose 9&7? Even a couple of blind people could only lose 10&8.


Peacock is absolute shit today, lagging, audio ahead of the video, buffering, and the match a full 2 minutes behind the actual match. This is why streaming fucking sucks and will never match DirecTV.

I like Spieth, but he’s been playing shit golf for a while, and today he’s plumbing new depths. I don’t know if he’s sick or what, but he’s leaving Thomas out there all on his own.