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This classic never gets old.

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I am in OKC this week and a white bronco passed me with a personalized license plate ‘not oj’.


That’s exactly what OJ would do.


I’m no expert, but this looks like a soccer “walk off”.

Wreck 'em!

Well, it’s definitely some meek goalkeeping.

That one’s not 100% on the goalie. Kudos to the kicker for dropping it right into the “mixer”, causing indecision between the defenders and the 'keeper, but that was a free header which should not happen and then it should’ve been cleared off the line.

But it comes down to how good that free kick was; she hit 'em with the Chaos Hammer™️.

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Red Bulls back to leading the pack. I guess their one week experiement of following the rules is over, and they replaced whatever they took off the cars last week.

That was some seriously atrocious defense. Letting the girl that headed it run free right at goal, with the defender in question 3 full steps behind… Jesus, that’s some grade A terribleness.

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Actually, I believe this is called a “Maguire”.

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@Doyce7 Big one today.

Yes it is. Ref letting a lot go in the first half

Peacock can we so amateur. In just the first 3 minutes of the second half, both teams had a break that we couldn’t see because Peacock had the camera trained on a random coach

We did get the joy of a close-up of a Ray Lewington patented f-bomb.

He’s just so random. Not as bad as Anthony “Coin Flip” Taylor, but still pretty bad.

Certainly. He’s given a few soft ones and not called some pretty obvious ones

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Well Fulham really fucked that one up. Jimenez in particular

First goal wins it, I think.

Goal? I don’t understand

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Johnstone has been really good today. Damn

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0-0 is the score that game deserved but not the one it needed right now.