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Did anybody watch the US Open Finals? That Novak Djokovic is really something, though Daniil Medvedev really won me over in the semifinals against Alcaraz. The second set between those two guys went an hour and 44 minutes. The second set alone! Tennis is pretty fucking awesome.


Great win by Coco Gauff.


I love tennis. I wish there was an American male at the top of the sport. Other than Roddick for a short period of time and he was never a top 5, there’s been no one in the last 25 years.

Ben Shelton is fun to watch. At just 20, I expect him to keep climbing into the top 10. He made the quarters in Australia and the semis at the US Open.

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Today’s England - Scotland “friendly” marks the 150th anniversary of the very first international soccer match between two nations; being England and Scotland. In an interesting quirk, only one team provided a player to that first match and also to this match.

You’ll never guess which team that is… :red_circle::large_blue_circle:

PS: I am digging the throwback shirts.

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Uniforms looked great.



Boo that, ya sweaty jockstraps!


If Oher’s petition is true, the Tuohys are full of shit. He claims that all 4 “original” Tuohys got a percentage from the movie that would be worth millions each while, at the same time, they gave away Oher’s rights and likeness to the movie studio.

Remember how, in the movie, the NCAA investigator who was giving Oher the third degree over his relationship with the Tuohys was the “bad guy”? If Oher’s accusations are accurate, she was actually the hero.

The fact that speaking to mental health issues is laudable is, itself, sadly damning. But kudos to Postecoglou for doing it anyway.


Although the “just deal with it” approach is sill a little “Australian”.

Cliff Chris Richards starting today (9/16) for CPFC vs. Aston Villa. 9am CDT ON Peacock.

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Non-front running Max Verstappen is an absolute menace.

WTF? Last time I saw a score, Palace was leading Villa 1-0, and I think it was pretty late. Now I find out that Villa won 3-1? Ouch.

Darren England has fucked us every game he has reffed. This one was about as bad as it gets.

3 points for Palace probably wouldn’t have been fully deserved on the balance of play; 0 points definitely unfair.

Third goal was irrelevant. It’s all about the 2nd.

It was a brilliant tackle by Richards. England called the penalty, but the VAR ref called him to the screen because it was clearly not a pen. England stared at the screen the same way that a Labrador looks at quantum mathematics. A few minutes later, he gave the penalty anyway.



And to cap it all, a Villa player was yards inside the box when the penalty was taken, which requires a retake. England, the lino and VAR all “missed” it, despite it being just a few yards away from England himself, and it being highlighted by Palace players before the kick was taken.

Fuck Darren England in the arse with a sandpaper dildo for a century.

The FIA dropped a memo on the teams this week, reminding them of the regulations regarding the floors of their cars (where the bulk of the down force comes from). The inference being that they were going to be policing same.

Also this week, the Red Bulls are sliding around like Bambi on ice. I’m sure one thing has no connection to the other.

Red Bull = Belichick/Brady-era Patriots

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Preach, brother.


The referees are now so divorced from the game they have become like traffic wardens, ticketing cars in a traffic jam.

Fun first game back in The Champions League for Arsenal thus far.

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Not so much for Moan Utd.

It’s heartbreaking.

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Palace have to play them twice next week, both games at Old Trafford. :roll_eyes:

There’s another grid site I play. It’s way more forgiving (you can choose limited or unlimited guesses) and includes other sports and even movies.

They also have a sense of humor, bottom left:

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