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Can’t find video of it yet, but Sheffield United’s second goal against Everton is worth a look.

Everton fans must be shitting themselves. Couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch.

Fuck VAR. What the fuck is even the point of it if you can’t get the obvious fucking calls correctly?

I am so unbelievably pissed the fuck off. How in the fuck can you give a goal when a guy is standing in front of the fucking keeper in an offside position. Fucking blatant corruption at it’s finest. Every single official from this game should be barred from ever being involved in a match for the rest of their miserable lives.

Earlier in the game a City player fucking clotheslined a Fulham player to prevent him getting behind and nothing given. Fuck these fucking refs.

I feel your pain. If it helps, it’s not VAR, it’s Les Incompetents running it. It’s corrupt to its core.

Last year at Citeh, Palace went 0-2 up and then scored a third that was ruled out for…”reasons”. Later, Haaland kicked 6’ 4” Andersen in the face which was not even called a foul, let alone receiving the rule book straight red it deserved. Citeh ran out 4-2 winners behind a Haaland hat trick.

To. It’s. Core.

[Cosell voice] Down goes Chelsea! Down goes Chelsea!

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In just this transfer window, Chelsea has spent enough money to have bought Crystal Palace FC lock, stock and barrel. :man_shrugging:

Well, VAR is not a thing, it’s a person. Video assistant referee.

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Such a purchase would have included the astonishing CPFC academy.

About to get underway at Monza.

You spelled “Selhurst” wrong.

Palace Wolves getting frisky

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Referee’s incompetence is getting under the players’ skin. That bout of handbags was down purely to Jones being shit at his job.

Meanwhile, whichever of Jones’ equally terrible colleagues is working VAR spent 5 minutes looking at Ebs getting his foot stepped on in the penalty area, and then didn’t even call Jones over to the monitor.

I think Jones was batting about .500 on clear and obvious calls in that first half. Which is like batting .500 in a batting cage.

Is there something about driving for Red Bull that turns you into a whiny bitch? Up to lap 40-something, watching on DVR, and Perez can’t understand why Sainz won’t just let him through.

The turd rots from the Horner.

Great race happening. Excluding Max, obviously, who is in the rocking chair miles ahead of the squabbling pack.

Something of which to be aware in today’s England-Ukraine match (FS2, 11am CDT): if Guéhi looks like shit, it’s because he’s been left horribly exposed by Maguire and Henderson.

Chris Richards is starting for the USMNT today at 430.

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For som reason I read that as “Cliff Richard”. I wondered if Hank Marvin was in goal.

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Crystal Palace women are in the 2nd tier of professional soccer. They currently sit atop that division, and hosted the 2nd-placed team last weekend.