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Made perfect sense to me.

And those uniforms are fucking terrific. Now do the Texans.

After this season, Cal and his wife are unveiling new Texans uni’s, helmets, colors?, and such

If the Texans unveiled new uniforms and colors that looked like the Oilers, that would be the first step towards me remembering they exist.

If they ever got bck the naming rights to the Oilers (fuck bud adams), then I’m wasting calories on Sundays again by being heavily invested in the NFL.


Oh I know, but that 2nd part will never happen as long as Bud’s daughter is alive. She learned everything about being an insufferable unpersonable pain in the ass straight from her daddy.

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I like the traditional uniforms with the red and white color combination for the Cougars best. I think one or two games with special uniforms is a nice change but any more than that and it becomes gimmicky and diminishes the the value of the traditional colors, colors that were chosen for a reason and meant to be permanent.

Agreed. 1 “special game” a year is enough for these.

I really don’t like the alternate black uniforms that everyone seems to use now.

Unfortunately, that’s all too true. She made it very clear after her prick of a father died that so long as she’s in charge, the Oilers’ name, history, colors, etc. are staying in Nashville.

It’s pretty amazing how a generational oil tycoon, based in Houston Tx, managed to pissoff and alienate every single business and government leader in the city, to where when he said for the 2nd time “I want a new stadium”, he was told to go fuck himself

A new stadium in a place that happily builds 30.000 seat high school stadia

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I think there’s a bigger one now, not sure exactly where

Don’t know if this is up to date

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I think it was a reference to McKinney’s $70mm football stadium.


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“This is about our kids and the future of McKinney ISD”

Seriously go fuck that guy.

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Maybe this?


It’s UEFA transfer deadline day today. Wires close at 6pm CDT.

Strap in and grab your blue dildos!


Is there an over/under for goals scored by Luton this season? (Naturally, they scored as I was composing this.)