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I’ve had the same thought, that I’m considerably older now that Jim was when I first met him. Kinda gives me that click clack up a rollercoaster feeling.


I started two careers and four countries ago. How fun flies when you’re doin’ time.


Try to prolong as long as you can. Cresting the hill and starting down may not be as much fun.

I joined the gang in 2005 looking for info about the Astros minor leagues. My son was not in school yet and now he just finished his 1L at Bama law. Daughter was 8 and is now a practicing Vet working becoming a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. And I haven’t been to a minor league game since 2015…


I’m high enough to be able to peer over the crest and see that it’s a startling drop.

Oh, man, do not say that. I am hoping for a relatively smooth ride until I reach the station.

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Dortmund needed to win at home bs 9th place Mainz, to end Bayern’s streak as champs. Dortmund is down 2-0 and have missed a PK. OUCH

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Epic choke job in process. Dortmund has 45 mins to rescue their season.

Conversely, Thomas Tuchel was fired by Chelsea but has Bayern on the verge of being champions. Meanwhile Chelsea are on the verge of their worst league finish in decades.

Still, Tuchel was a toxic twit.

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For sure. Not sure what that says about Frank Lampard though.

Dortmund should have conceded 2 goals in the first 2 minutes of the second half. What a disaster.

Dortmund ties it in the 6th minute of 5 added minutes, but Bayern won in Cologne so they take the title.

Aspirin needed in both cities but for different reasons.

On to the Championship playoff final (ESPN+). Two unfashionable teams; to the victor a $200 million windfall. The vanquished gets another season slogging it out in the Championship.

I have no preference really. Luton has a hilariously bad stadium while Coventry stick in my memory as hanging around in the top flight for decades while doing absolutely fuck all other than staying up. As a Palace fan, I looked on at that with extreme envy.

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I’m rooting for Luton, for the sole reason that, they have a player who was with them in the National League(think Wrexham). I love shit like that.

Edit: player is Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu and it’s not like he’s guy they just keep around, he’s still involved, he is starting in this game.

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Wait. I need all the backstory of this name.

Birth registrar was shitfaced.

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Well then. Luton, Premier League.

This is one of the entrances to Kenilworth Road.

I’m not kidding.

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“Haaland’s not going to walk through that entrance. He is going to walk through the other sh*t entrance we’ve got. There is no great entrance here. Embrace it. ”

I love it