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Heads will roll. Literally.

I played the trumpet in the band in junior high so this doesn’t really sound too bad to me plus I like Ornette Coleman.


Here is the story from Alonso’s perspective.

101m goal, looking like it will go down as the longest in professional history:


A keeper’s dream and nightmare in the same play.

Never. Not. Funny.

Is it just me or are photos and videos on Twitter not working?

Did you pay your $8?

You have admire Everton for managing to get worse while cheating on spending.

I find I have to start them again to get the videos to play. If I click once it is just audio. But if I pause and restart it works.

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It’s a well oiled machine…

Spurs and Conte part ways “by mutual agreement”.

I.e., both parties agree that the other sucks.

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If he wants to stay in London, there’s a club that will have an opening in the summer…

“My girlfriend and I mutually broke up. She said she didn’t want to see me anymore, and I agreed she didn’t want to see me anymore”


“They said they were going to stop paying me so I agreed to stop coming to work”


So Los Canaleros somehow managed to qualify just now for the finals of the CONCACAF Nations League which will be held in June in… (checks notes)… Las Vegas. If any of you soccergoons is thinking of coming out for the festivities, do let me know. As always I’m working my contacts to try to secure FEPAFUT seats con mi gente, but if the Good Lard’s willin an the creeks don’t rise, I’ll be there.

I realize I’m mainly speaking to Navin here, but any’a y’all’s byeenveniidoow.

We just beat Costa Rica in San Jose, and I’m literally walking around the house laughing out loud at the absurdity of it all.

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I’d be inclined to go if it was about in any other city in the country. Don’t get me wrong, I would still love to go, but Vegas, meh.

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Not sure whether this is for here or the TV thread. Either way, it’s spot on.