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TPC…did they just say no player today has hit 17 in regulation? It’s been fucking brutal so far today.

Scheffler with a 5-stroke lead headed there now.

I don’t know what they said, but plenty of people have hit it in regulation today, and one guy this morning had an ace.

There were a couple of aces yesterday, but I didn’t know earlier today. It’s been brutal this afternoon. One poor schlub drove into the water, chipped onto the green with his third shot, then putted into the water. They said the last 16 players were a combined +18.

But Scheffler pars it and heads to 18 with a 5-stroke lead.

And Scottie Scheffler wins The Player’s Championship, joining Jack and Tiger as those who’ve held the Masters and Players titles at the same time.

Mikkie sets the record:


RB Leipzig currently making Palace’s valiant loss to Citeh last weekend look extremely good.

Citeh 6-0 before 60 minutes had passed, 7-1 on aggregate.

Haaland with 5 goals before a very early substitution.

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Austin FC’s inability to put shots on frame is just mind-boggling. So far tonight they have something like 30 shots, 8 of them on goal, and 2 goals.

Today’s the day…

So how’s your day going?

Now starts the vigil, waiting for news of the appointment of a new manager…

This game was absolutely mental.

Relegation battles are typically much more exciting than the clashes at the top.

Also, the refereeing in the richest soccer league in the world is astoundingly incompetent.

Fun Arsenal match this morning.

Not for Limey.

Didn’t watch the second half.

Ever seen 2 players and a manager get straight reds in 2 minute span? I have.

I have absolutely no idea why Mitrovich was so incensed (other than the magnitude of the occasion). That was as clear a handball/penalty/red card as you will see.

Fulham had more than enough chances to put this game on ice early, and failed to do so. Utd caught them on a break, and then they completely imploded.

F1 gonna F1.

They gave Alonso a 10-second penalty - applied post-race which demoted him from 3rd to 4th - due to an incorrectly-served 5-second penalty during the race. Team Aston Martin sent the race officials video of the penalty being correctly served, and they rescinded the additional penalty, reinstating Alonso to 3rd. WTF were they looking at before?

Meanwhile, both Red Bulls - who finished 1st and 2nd - repeatedly and deliberately drove straight on through a chicane in order to preserve their tires and maintain their lap speeds. You get 4 track limit violations allowed during a race before you get a 5-second penalty for the 5th, so Red Bull know exactly what they’re doing. If Red Bull ain’t cheating, they ain’t trying.


Mitro had a rep as a hot head prior to him coming to Fulham, this was his first red since like 2016, but it wasn’t just him. Marco Silva getting himself sent off is baffling. My only guess is that Marco was upset about something else and said something that he shouldn’t, then Mitro was pissed about his flashing red at his manager? I don’t know. The whole thing is just fucking bizarre. So glad Fulham are not close to the relegation zone right now or this game would be the seasons death.

Glad to hear about the flip. Alonso deserved P3. Plus, Mercedes & Hamilton are right up there with the Yankees & Cole.


The F1 rules are even more fucked up than I thought. They dinged Alonso, not because the team started to work on the car too early, but because the rear jack was touching the car during the 5-second penalty. The rule states that no person or piece of equipment is allowed to touch the car during the penalty, hence the violation.

What Aston Martin argued, backed up by a large number of video examples, is that every team touches the car with a jack during a penalty stop. F1 argued that this was allowed because it was the front jack, and the front jack is used as a guide for the driver pulling into the pit box.

“Cool,” said Aston Martin. “Now show me where it states that in the rules.”

“Eh? Oh,” said F1. So they rescinded the penalty because of their precedent of allowing a jack to touch the car, and are setting about the task this week of properly codifying the rule as they apply it. Next week, they’re going to work on defining a “catch”.

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