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Let’s go Crystal Palace! Navin is a BIG fan today.

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We won’t let you down. I mean, we probably will, but we’ll try not to. Maybe.

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I have a bad feeling about this.

Which is your pub for CP matches?

The Crown and Anchor or the Slaughtered Lamb…depending on the mood.

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That’s rich: Grealish complaining about somebody going down too easily.

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The Phoenix on Westheimer.

Officially it’s a Celtic pub, and it has an unfortunate infestation of Citeh front runners, but it does all the games and has the best Guinness in town.

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Haaland doesn’t like playing against us. Should’ve been sent off in the previous match and should have at least a yellow today.

Citeh’s persistent fouling is not going to stop until the ref grows some balls.

Every once in a while, I would visit a pub called The Organ Inn.

That’s about as likely as a ref calling a charge on KU.

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Love the Phoenix and Vu the owner is a great dude.

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What a stupid stupid foul.

You should listen to him, Flounder. He’s pre-med.

This Arsenal team is such a joy to watch.

I hope they go one to smash everyone they play for the rest of the season. Can’t have these dead bodies at the bottom of the division getting reanimated.

Palace was briefly not 12th for a moment there. But that moment has passed for now.

Not for me, today at least. First time all season that Fulham looked hopeless, without a man sent off being the cause.

12th is ours. Until next Friday at least.

But as one reporter put it, we’ll be 12th until we’re not, and we’ll be 17th.

Watching France v England (aka Le Crunch) in Six Nations Rugby. Ten minutes to go in the match and this should be the poms worst defeat ever against the French, 48-10. When they’re on their day, it is an absolute joy to watch Les Bleus play rugby.

ETA: as I was typing this, France scored another try (unconverted) to take them past 50 points, which is also the first time England has conceded this many points to France. I know I’m probably the only in these parts who really cares about rugby, but man this has been an impressive performance by the French.