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Yakety Sax, CYE theme or Seinfeld theme?


The end scene with him where Sam tells him he’s staying in Richmond may be the best scene in the whole series. That alone was worth the price of Apple TV.

Ted lasso - Sam decides not to leave Richmond - YouTube


Choking out the mannequin absolutely made me lose it


College football is here to show you baseball nerds what a real cheating scandal looks like…

College sports can be a sordid, sorry business.

Nothing new, but that’s terrible.

I don’t think that’s why his team isn’t good.

What a finish!

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Is the Japanese men’s team any good? Is the USMNT not any good?

Someone who follows hockey will have to explain how this has lasted 34 years:

They’re pretty good or more for Asia, we were missing out best player but still should have showed better. We’re good, or should be.

I have zero confidence in the USMNT. They may surprise us with some genuinely good games, but they will eventually have an inexplicably terrible performance. It may happen in the group round and prevent them from advancing, it may happen in the round of 16, but it will happen and it will be ugly.

How could you ever?

I’m just happy we got invited to the party this time.

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This is a build cycle. Most of the more talented players have not even entered their prime. Learn what it’s like at this level and don’t get embarrassed.

England gettin relegated. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I am a bulls fan.

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Brighton had gone undefeated in their new, 3-D printed, plastic paradise, that’s nowhere near Brighton (or anything else for that matter). Then Palace showed up and Brighton scored within 6 minutes. Business as usual.

Then Wilf Zaha scored - something he will make a career habit of doing down there - and Darren Ambrose made it 2-1. In the dying seconds, there was this iconic moment - captured by a Brighton fan and posted to social media - from former Brighton striker Glenn Murray, who would henceforth be known by Palace fans as “For Fuck’s Sake Murray!”