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What a match! Fulham couldn’t hold on for the victory but a well deserved point against Liverpool I absolutely take. So glad I woke up early to catch this. Fulham now unbeaten in their last 3 vs Liverpool, insane.


Four seasons in a row that the totally random and not biased at all fixture computer has drawn Liverpool against a newly-promoted team for their opening fixture.

Meanwhile, Palace’s early season fixtures are:
Arsenal (H)
Liverpool (A)
Villa (H)
Man City (A)
Brentford (H)
Newcastle (A)
Man Utd (H)
Brighton (A)
Chelsea (H)
Leeds (H)
Leicester (A)
Wolves (H)
Everton (A)
Southampton (H)
West Ham (A)
Nottingham Forest (A)
——World Cup——-

One promoted team in 16 games prior to the mid-season break. :roll_eyes:

Very even game. The “big chances” vs. “big chances missed” stat is the difference.

Sooo…any idea who won?

Top line.

Ouch. That’s an ass whoopin

An ass whoopin’ like that is why futbol is so popular in the States.

After giving up an early goal to the Saints, Tottenham netted 4, including an own-er. Hanging on with about 10’ go.

I hope this is the year that Southampton go away.

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I think there is a pretty good chance of either them or Everton going down

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We never fucking win at Everton!

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Both would be nice. Joined by Brighton, natch.

To join this thread and the travel one…I used the flight time to/from Hawaii to binge watch Ted Lasso. Finally. It’s worth the price of Apple TV.


Absolutely love Ted Lasso


Both seasons?

All two of them.

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“You couldn’t tucking build JEFF Bridges”

You’re now ready to watch “When Eagles Dare” on Prime, to join Neil and I in hating Brighton.

I despise Brighton. I hate Brighton as much as I hate the Yankees and the Dodgers.

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I do not hate any team as much as I hate the Yankees. My daughter taught me Brighton is handbags and jewelry.