NFL Playoffs 2023

I’m a Witten fan but i thought about Gonzales and Gates.


Yeah, they were all outstanding, too. And Sharpe.

And somehow I’ve left Gronk out of the discussion.

Wouldn’t Gronk be in there too?

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If Ditka had a Mahomes or a Brady throwing to him, there would be no debate.


It’s a good question. I immediately thought Winslow and Gronk. Looked for some names using the internet. Bud Girl’s mention of Gonzalez was listed and seems like he should be there. Interestingly, the stupid list had Winslow II but not the father.

“Ditka versus God in a golf match. Who ya got?”

As much as I dislike his meat-head personality, Gronk is the best all-around TE I’ve seen in a while.

George Kittles deserves a mention also.

He had more exposure than his dad.

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Winslow, Gates then Gronk were double-covered most plays. Their performances had a more physical aspect to them than Kelce’s.

Is Winslow Sr. the one I remember being carried off the field after a long OT playoff game?


Is that regular Ditka or mini-Ditka?


Regular Ditka.

Ok, the Bears bus in the Indy 500.

Yes. Against Miami.


“The Bears bus in the Indy 500?”

“Is Ditka driving the bus?”

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I gotta go with Mears

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Oh man, that play was going to go if Kelce did a better job.

Forgot what a scum he is.

It’s so fun watching the Chiefs.

Running a hook and lateral to him is too cute by more than half.

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The hype about Mahomes’ ankle sprain seems to be exaggerated. He’s moving well.