NFL Playoffs 2023

Yes. Without a doubt.

Kelce is the grease in the wheel that makes that Chiefs offense go, not Mahomes.

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Apparently there’s a great one out of Notre Dame who I’d love to see the Texans draft with their 2nd first rounder…Michael Mayer or something like that

The Texans need anything they can get. They do not have a receiver who can get open. Even if they’re not being covered, they can’t get open. Kelce can’t be covered.

Right, everything indeed. No idea if they’ll take a QB first, but a TE is an excellent safety valve, at minimum, for a young QB

Kelce always gets open.

They’ll take a QB with the first pick.

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One would think so.

That TD from Mahomes was a fucking bullet. Impressive.

Beyond edgy. Perhaps Andy Reid, but not Kelce.

That offense is pretty mediocre without Kelce.


That’s some Bill O’Brian offense that Cincy just rolled out.

All tied up with 13.5 minutes to play.

This is fun.

Big Fun.

Does Tony Romo ever stop talking?

Bengals just got royally buttfucked with no lube. Holy shit that can’t happen.


There is no fucking way this game is on the level.

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That was horrid. Fucking Apple. Now you are messing with something bad happening.

Fucking refs giving the Chiefs another play.