NFL Playoffs 2023

Terrible kick

I think Olsen was right: that kick was going wide left if it wasn’t blocked.

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I can’t help but like Deebo. He is one of my favorite players in the league. But still, fuck the 49ers.

I don’t see how they can send him back out there

My two favorite professional tackle football teams will always be the Houston Oilers and whoever plays dallas…


Dak Prescott is a fucking idiot.

Easy first down on the out to the right. Nah, throw in to double coverage for an easy pick. Moron.

Both his picks were dumb reads


Nevermind. Good kick.

Nothing good ever happens after you drop an interception.

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Or throw 2 interceptions.

George Kittle is good at football

I know SF is a great defensive team but Dak hasn’t had a very good game.

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I thought that kick was going to leak out to the right, but it came back.

Kittle’s block- my God!

It’s fucking over.

Shanahan is by miles the best coach in the NFL, IMO.

UT grad.

Did not know that- wow.

Well, if he can win a Super Bowl with Brock Purdy, he’s got my vote for best coach of all time.

I like Purdy a lot. I’d rather go forward with him than Dak.