NFL Playoffs 2023

The Chiefs should beat the Jags even with any of the Texans QBs.

Jax may want to revisit the ‘leave 99 unblocked’ strategy.


Every time the Jags put themselves in position, they’ve promptly punched themselves in the dick. Brutal.

There is no bigger group of insufferable douchebags in all of organized athletics than the Kansas City Chiefs.

I’d rethink that statement.

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Me too. The Yankees exist. Also the Dodgers.


Not even close.

The Yankees and Dodgers don’t bother me. Their fans do

Giants are getting embarrassed.

Amazing retooling of the Eagles by Roseman.

The Bills finished the first quarter with 8 yards.

Allen is a bull.

I find myself shamelessly rooting for the Cowboys. I had to listen to a California transplant tell me what he hated about Texas at the Dog Park today.

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I have been a Cowboys fan since they came into the league, exactly the same as my Astros fandom. My team has a bit of history with SF.

What if a native Texan told you what he hated about Texas? You’d have a real conundrum, wouldn’t you?

Of course not. I hear that from people like you or my friends in Portugal all the time. You should have been there to hear what the son of a bitch likes about Texas and hates about California, you’d a blown a gasket.

I already know what he likes about Texas and hates about California.

OMG. Blocked!


Schultz has really emerged as a go to guy this year.

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