Mariners @ Space City, May 2, 2022


At the Stretch…3-0 Astros.

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Holy hell Stanek brought the absolute nasty in that last AB. That split was fucking unhittable.


Stanek just abused Rodriguez

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Another 6-pitch inning. 3-0 Astros

I understand the “pajama” objections but I’d be more than happy to move to that cap full time.


I like the entire uniform. Wish they showed the socks.

The hats and the NASA font are by far the best thing about them. They look kinda dumb without the high socks and the booster rocket color scheme.

I’m fine with them as a whole but seeing them a few times a year seems like enough.

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Come on Montero.

Whew. Made a great pitch in a big spot.

Pitchers best friend ends the game.

Would not have bet on 3 runs winning the game for us. Great pitching.

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Did he swing 3-0?


Nifty DP. Montero did NOT look happy coming off the mound, that may be a standard face though.

Ok, I missed a pitch, I guess. Huge game for Odorizzi.

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One run would have won the game.

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He was probably frustrated with his lack of fastball command for most of the inning.

In his own words

Probably as much relieved to get out of it as frustrated. That was getting scary.

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The Space City logo dugout hoodie is great and also not yet available for retail purchase.

I did find one on ebay for $200. It’s not that great.

The authentic jerseys were $450 from MLB. Holy shit.