Mariners @ Space City, May 2, 2022

Astros wearing the Monday clown suits. Hopefully it’s better than last time.


Mariners get a hit, but a 3-6-3 double play ends the inning.

Altuve draws a 4-pitch walk in his first at bat back.

Welcome back Jose!

After five straight balls, Brantley takes a strike at his eyes. Wow.

Brantley singles to RF, first two Astros on


Bregman nubs one towards 1B, Astros at 2B and 3B for Alvarez

Alvarez strikes out swinging


Gurriel bounces out weakly 4-3

After one…Astros already 0-3 w/RISP and 6 LOB.

With two on, not Bregman, Alvarez or Gurriel could hit the ball past the infield grass.

That was pretty amazingly fucking awful from Bregman, Yordan and Yuli.

Hit the ball a combined 130 feet.

2-out shiftfuck single, gunned down by the Machete!

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Tucker reaches on E5 by Toro.

For now, it was ruled a hit.

How the hell is that even in the discussion for a hit?

A GZ error, which is all that matters.

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Kalas was asking the same thing on the broadcast.

For fuck’s sake, you bunch of wet goddamn noodles. CRUSH MISTAKES, STOP SWINGING BEHIND FAT PITCHES!


Only three LOB this inning. No score after two.