Mariners @ Space City, May 2, 2022

1-2-3 third for Odorizzi

No score


Altuve with a check swing tapper back to the mound on the first pitch
Brantley lines out to LF
Bregman grounds out 4-3 in the shift.

6-pitch effort by the offense. No score

I miss the days when the Astros’ offense would consistently crush opposing pitchers.

Apparently leaving runners at 2B and 3B in the first was the offensive high point tonight.

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Seems that way, so far.

“When the fans start selling out every home game, those days will return.”

-Jim Crane

C’mon, they have 6 more chances to leave the bases loaded without scoring.

Maldonado leads the Astros in most pitches seen per plate appearance.


Frazier lines out to RF
France taps back to the mound
Winker flies out F9

Another strong inning from Odorizzi who has faced only 12 hitters through four innings. N9 score.

Astros’ offense: Get Jake some runs.


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Keep the line moving, boys.

Yordan reads the GZ

What I hope more than anything having to do with offense is that Jake O has turned a corner.

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Alvarez homers to RF, first run scored in the blue suits
Gurriel doubles to LF
Tucker lines out to CF
McCormick grounds out 5-3 on the first pitch
Peña pops up to 2B on the first pitch.

Astros leave more in scoring position, but get on the board. Lead 1-0


Suarez…0-2…1-2…strikes out swinging
Crawford with a broken bat dunk snort single to RF
Rodriguez grounds into 5-4-3 double play

1-0 Astros

Someone can do some PBP if they want.

I have no problem with these uniforms. It might have worked better if the pants were gray or something along those lines, but it seems to me that the idea was to be as clownish as possible, and I don’t think these are all that clownish.

Single from Brantley, double from Bregman…two on, two out for Alvarez…