Mariners @ Space City, May 2, 2022

Ok, back to Tucker. How can that be a single and E4? I truly don’t get it.

I guess they figured Frazier should have fielded the ball, and even if he did, he couldn’t have thrown out Tucker. But not fielding it allowed Tucker to get to 2B. It was bullshit anyway you look at it.

This Odorizzi kid might stick around if he keeps pitching like this.

2-out walk to Suarez

That’s it for Odorizzi. He was terrific.


Goddammit! That’s one me.

I’m going for the chicken right now.

Some people never learn.

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Stanek in…

Two starts ago I was ready to DFA him, and said so on here. Only right that I eat the crow and give him the kudos. Two VERY good starts in a row. This was the Odorizzi that pitched for the Rays and Twins. Let’s hope he keeps it up.


Another walk brings the tying run to the plate


At the Stretch…3-0 Astros.

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Holy hell Stanek brought the absolute nasty in that last AB. That split was fucking unhittable.


Stanek just abused Rodriguez

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Another 6-pitch inning. 3-0 Astros

I understand the “pajama” objections but I’d be more than happy to move to that cap full time.


I like the entire uniform. Wish they showed the socks.

The hats and the NASA font are by far the best thing about them. They look kinda dumb without the high socks and the booster rocket color scheme.

I’m fine with them as a whole but seeing them a few times a year seems like enough.

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Come on Montero.

Whew. Made a great pitch in a big spot.

Pitchers best friend ends the game.

Would not have bet on 3 runs winning the game for us. Great pitching.

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