Some awesomely shitty numbers over his last 6 outings: 26.2 IP, 32 H, 9 HR, 13 BB, 18 K, 6.75 ERA, 1.69 WHIP.

September and a hopefully healthy Urquidy can’t get here fast enough.

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I looked up his career numbers when he was signed.

They are remarkably mediocre. The IP per start was particularly alarming to me considering he was leaving games early even in years his numbers were otherwise good.

I had hope that Strom could do something with him, but now I am of the opinion that he is a #6 starter good for keeping the top 5 guys fresh and healthy. Nothing more.

Oh, and he sits at home, on call, during the post season.

Isn’t that what Mike Fiers did?

Insightful article shedding light on his recent turnaround:

“It’s really kind of opened my eyes to a lot of different things,” Odorizzi said of the talk with Verlander and another chat he had with third baseman Alex Bregman, who watched his weekend bullpen session in Toronto closely. “Having those types of guys in the clubhouse – obviously, they’re great players – but they’re invaluable when it comes to helping out teammates, whatever it may be.”

Missed this prior article:

“I got a lot of positive encouragement from teammates, a lot of help from people,” he said. “I think we’re all trying to go in the same direction here, so it’s nice to have guys back you and do what they can to help, and it really showed tonight. Confidence is back, execution is much better. Got tired of pitching like crap.”